Havit DJ Professional Stereo Studio Headset Review

Havit asked if I wanted to do a review on their Professional Studio Stereo DJ Headphone with Microphone. Since my old Logitech’s died I jumped on it! Take a look inside as I review the features and put it through its paces from PC Gaming, watching Movies, Video Conferences, and of course listening to Music. […]


Tips on Preventing Your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked

I read about these horror stories every day. People’s WordPress sites getting hacked. Their content? GONE FOREVER. Why? Well because they didn’t take the time to try and secure their website. They didn’t have a backup or a disaster recovery plan. Now they have to try and put the pieces back together. So don’t be […]


How To Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster

I’ve worked with computers for about half of my life. The biggest complaint I seem to get about them? They are so slow. Everything takes forever to load. Rebooting? Forget it – go get a cup of coffee. In this article I will go through most of the options you have available to get your […]


Optimizing Images for WordPress | What Works the Best?

Images are an important piece of the puzzle when your creating articles for your site. They help tell the story visually. They break up text so it’s not just one huge page of words. The issue is how to get them optimized so they still look great but keep the file size down so your […]


The Must Have Free Software List for Windows

If you run a Windows computer you know there is a lot of software out there for it. The problem though? You find that great new program and then *bzzzt* they want you to pay for it. So I compiled my list of recommended free software tools and utilities that I use on my own computer. […]


How to Create Your Own Custom Short Domain for Bit.ly

You’ve seen them on popular sites like Huffington Post, The Verge, End Gadget and the like use them. When they share they have that neat short url (example: “engt.co”). How do they do that though? If you currently use bit.ly for your shortening your links were you aware you could add your own custom domain? […]


Essential WordPress Plugins for the New Blogger

Oh no, yet another WordPress Plugin list. Stay with me a minute though. With this article I’m going to list the basic elements blogs have setup and offer different WordPress plugins that you can utilize for each part. I’ll list the features of each plugin and why you would want to use them. Go get […]


Why I No Longer Recommend HostGator | Find a New Host!

  And maybe it’s time you did to? I’ve been a loyal Host Gator customer on and off for just about 10 years. They have always provided great cheap service with little to no downtime. Then EIG purchased them and things started going downhill from there. The final straw? They migrated me to their Provo, Utah […]