Loot Crate Review | Feed Your Inner Geek!

As you know I’m a Geek (well an Average Joe too!) And I love getting geek related stuff. I’ve known about Lootcrate for awhile now but was always hesitant of joining their service. Then after I picked up Titanfall I noticed the theme for March’s Loot Crate. They had teamed up with EA and had […]


Titanfall Review | The Shooter We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Titanfall has been out in the wild for a few weeks now. And all of the reviews have been pretty favorable. Now its my turn. I truly wanted to hate the game before I even purchased it. I mean its the culmination of the worlds evil (in gaming) EA and Microsoft. Then I noticed the […]


5 Free Plugins Used to Speed Up WordPress Load Times

If you’ve been following my posts about improving WordPress load times then your starting to realize there is a lot of work that needs to get done behind the scenes to make it all work. From optimizing WordPress, to using CDN services such as CloudFlare and MaxCDN, and finally the Plugins used. The combination of […]


Tips to Help You Play Titanfall Like a Boss

With the release of Titanfall you might be wondering how to get the upper hand with the game. With its advanced player movements, maps, and of course the introduction of the Titan mechs the way we think of Shooters needs to change. No longer is it just the same rat maze with only a few […]


Theme Update to Genesis News Pro | avgjoegeek Change Log

avgjoegeek.net has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years. The main one being the site’s design. I started out with a free Woo Theme, moved to a Premium Framework with Thesis, and then switched to Genesis after the Thesis 2.0 disaster. Well StudioPress released an update to the original Child Theme […]


CloudFlare and MaxCDN | Improve WordPress Load Times Even Faster!

I’ve been obsessed with having a faster loading website. I started with just using CloudFlare. Then I started tweaking around with what was slowing the site down within WordPress itself. And I added MaxCDN to offload images, CSS, and JavaScript. Separately these all improved the site’s load times marginally. But combine CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and perform […]


Thanks Impartial Geek for the New Mic!

This is a quick post to say thanks to David Foster over at Impartial Geek for his recent giveaway. I happened to stumble upon it through a post on Facebook (Just over at Dragonblogger) and decided ‘why not?’ and entered. This is my short story and plug on how I managed to win a new […]


Guest Blogging Is it Really Dead?

Last week Matt Cutts from the Google SPAM team stated that Guest Blogging is done. Dead, Kaput, Nadda, Zilch.  No… he didn’t really say that at all. In this article I go over the highlights and cut through the paranoia on what he was actually trying to say. I’ll also give you some sound advice […]


The Best Games of 2013 that I Actually Played

Instead of doing just a list of the top video games of 2013. I figured I’d give you the run down of the best games of 2013 that I actually played. Sure there were a ton of great titles. But there was no way I could spend the time to play them all. So here […]