FooBox WordPress Plugin Review | How Do I Love Thee?

I kept hearing about this FooBox plugin for awhile now. Now I finally have a minute to spare and decided to take a look. Join me as I go through what FooBox is, what it can do, and why I have fallen in love with this awesome WordPress plugin!


How to Keep Visitors On Your Website | What the Pros Do

I’ve noticed some common trends with ‘pro bloggers’ when it comes to their web presence online. Gone is the clutter, the countless banner ads, the unnecessary elements that visitors end up clicking away to. Learn what the pros do to keep visitors from clicking away from their own sites. From common design elements, sidebar widgets, and more inside. You […]

Giveaway - Havit DJ Headset

Havit DJ Professional Headset Giveaway

Havit was kind enough to not only provide this headset to review. But they also offered one to giveaway to one lucky winner! Take a look on how you can enter to win one of the Havit DJ Professional Studio Stereo Headset inside.


Havit DJ Professional Stereo Studio Headset Review

Havit asked if I wanted to do a review on their Professional Studio Stereo DJ Headphone with Microphone. Since my old Logitech’s died I jumped on it! Take a look inside as I review the features and put it through its paces from PC Gaming, watching Movies, Video Conferences, and of course listening to Music. […]


Tips on Preventing Your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked

I read about these horror stories every day. People’s WordPress sites getting hacked. Their content? GONE FOREVER. Why? They didn’t take the time to try and secure their website. They didn’t have a backup or a disaster recovery plan. They didn’t keep it updated. Or take the time to use a proper login and password. […]


How To Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster

I’ve worked with computers for about half of my life. The biggest complaint I seem to get about them? They are so slow. Everything takes forever to load. Rebooting? Forget it – go get a cup of coffee. In this article I will go through most of the options you have available to get your […]


Optimizing Images for WordPress | What Works the Best?

Images are an important piece of the puzzle when your creating articles for your site. They help tell the story visually. They break up text so it’s not just one huge page of words. The issue is how to get them optimized so they still look great but keep the file size down so your […]


The Must Have Free Software List for Windows

If you run a Windows computer you know there is a lot of software out there for it. The problem though? You find that great new program and then *bzzzt* they want you to pay for it. So I compiled my list of recommended free software tools and utilities that I use on my own computer. […]