7 Hot New Top Games for PS3 2012

ajg-vert-logoIf you have been around my blog for awhile you know I am a PS3 gamer. I don’t have anything against the other Consoles (I own and play on all three actually) its just I’ve been gaming on a PS3 for so long it is hard for me to migrate to another console!

So with that said – here is my list of 7 hot new top games for ps3 2012! These are my personal picks for must have games to add to your playstation 3 game library this year.

 Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII 2Square Enix follow up to the frustratingly boring Final Fantasy XIII. I spent over 30+ hours with the game hoping it would get better. But between the cut-scenes and lousy dumbed down Combat system it was just too much. Now it sits on my shelf never to be played again.

But – Apparently Square Enix has listened to it’s player base and made some necessary changes to make the game a little quicker in the story line, cut out some cut scenes, and adjusted the combat system a bit. So think of this as a “re-do” from XIII?

Release Date:
Available Now!
Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the Playstation3 – $46.99 (Free Shipping!)


Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal for the PS3I know I’ve already talked about Twisted Metal’s re-release here. But it still needs to be on the list to add to your PS3 Game Library. I remember the original game on the PS2 and had a ton of fun with it.

Plus who doesn’t love racing around in  crazy vehicles with large guns trying to take out your opponents? Now you can play multi player as well!



Release Date: Available Now!
Twisted Metal for the Playstation3 – $59.99 (Free Shipping!)


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper: Theives of Time coming to PS3In the “Cute but Violent” genre we have Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time being brought back to the PS3. Sanzaru Games is producing the game who also produced the Ratchet and Clank offshoot ‘Secret Agent Clank’. We’ll have to wait and see how they do with it.




Release Date: Available Now!
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Playstation3 Game SONY $59.99 (Pre-Order)



Starhawk for the PS3 Available 5/8/2012This is a follow up to (and not a sequel) Warhawk. The first game was a blast with its futuristic space battles.  Produced by the new independent gaming company LightBox Interactive. It is headed up by industry veteran Dylan Jobe, who worked on Warhawk. It will feature the same horde mode players love with some strategy options mid-battle, and of course epic space battles!



Release Date: Available Now!
Starhawk for the Playstation3 – $59.99 (Pre-Order)


Hitman: Absolution

Hitman:Absolution for the Playstation 3This is the one I’m excited about. The last time I’ve seen anything about Hitman was on the movie screens (and despite what people think I enjoyed the movie). Now being brought back to the PS3 this game looks gorgeous and will be sure to please those secretly wishing to become a hitman.

If the trailer for the game is any indication on how the gameplay is going to be like it is going to be one badass game! Check out the YouTube trailer here to see for yourself.


Release Date: Available Now!
Hitman: Absolution for the Playstation 3 – $59.99 (Pre Order)


Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V: Return to Los Santos
RockStar Studios is bringing back Grand Theft Auto in it’s Fifth iteration. I’m sure it will have more of what players love. Beating hookers for their money. Erm yea. Rockstar is going to be returning back to Los Santos (i.e. Los Angeles) and its surrounding area getting back to its roots. The debut trailer looks pretty sweet though! I’m sure this will be another top seller since we haven’t seen a new GTA game in awhile now.


Release Date: 2013
Grand Theft Auto V: Return to Los Santos – $59.99 (Pre Order)


Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock: Infinite for the Playstation 3This is going to be another one of those big games of 2012. Developed by Irrational games and being released by 2K Games. You get to play as Booker DeWitt a former Pinkerton agent as you search through the sky city of Columbia for a mysterious girl named Elizabeth. This is a big departure from the first two where you are stuck in the Art Deco inspired underwater horror world of  Rapture.

You can check out the incredible trailer here.


Release Date: 2013
Biolshock: Infinite for the Playstation 3 – $59.99 (Pr Order)


May Payne III

Bioshock: Infinite for the Playstation 3I’m starting to really look forward to this game. The first one was awesome with the instroduction of “bullet storm” technology to slow down the action when you needed it. You felt for Max the cop looking for the murderer of his wife and child.  The second one was just plain weird. And then the movie sucked.

In this one Rockstar pulled out all the stops as Max has to save the kidnapped girl. It has a Bruce Willis – esque feel to it (ala Die Hard) and is sure to bring a lot of action and violence – hopefully with less “bullet storm” and unnecessary trippy drugged out dream sequences!

Release Date: Available Now!
Max Payne 3 for the Playstation 3 – $59.99 (Pre Order)


Other Mentions

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Yup – Another Call of Duty game. If you read my article on it here  you can get some tasty tidbits on what they have cooked up. But we won’t know until May 1rst 2012 on what the folks over at Treyarch/Activision really have planned!

The Last Guardian

Even though this is another potential vapor ware game I’m still excited to see this game make it to PS3.  Though  director Fumito Ueda and executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama left Sony (Ueda is still working on it apparently as a contractor) I’m still hopeful the game will make it to market. I still want to see the boy and his Dog/Griffin up on my big screen TV!

These are my picks as the hot new games for PS3 that I think will be popular for this year 2012. What games do you think will be a big hit on here that I might have missed?  Let me know in the Comments below!

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  1. Brain says

    Ya i know that you are a very fond of games. Be frank i didn’t plays the game on PS3 so I am thinking to buy one. Let’s hope i buy it ASAP and start gaming. First I will play the “Hitman” asit looks like so much thrilling game and i like the thrilling.

  2. Milsia says

    Hi Avgjoegeek , You are doing a great job, and great collection of games, and i am interested to buy the games soon.

    • says

      Milsia – thanks for stopping by! These are the games I’m looking forward to also. There are a few others that I am looking forward to as well – but they won’t be released until this Winter.