7 Must Have Free Tools for Monitoring Your New Blog

StatsI use the following tools and websites to monitor my blogs. I have them not only to troubleshoot issues, to find additional keywords and even sometimes to help drive the direction of my blog when it comes to what I write.  For some of these I just use them as a litmus test (and an ego boost when they are improving) to see how my blog is performing compared to others. So enjoy my list of 7 must have free tools to monitor your blog!

Stats, Stats, and More Stats

1. Google Analytics

If you want to see what is happening with your blog when it comes to traffic and what people are doing when they actually visit your site? This is probably the best FREE tool out there for monitoring and reviewing your traffic. I could write a few articles on this tool alone!

The Real Time traffic monitor is very addictive – I suggest staying away from it or you will be like me waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat going MORE TRAFFIC!

Google Analytics Official Website

Google Analytics Official Website

2. Google Webmaster Tools

 Although technically not a “Stat” page per se, you should sign up for this site and get your site verified. Plus if you are using YOAST SEO plugin  it will have created a sitemap.xml and this is the site where you tell the Google Bot to find it at.

Another important aspect as to why to keep coming back to Google’s Webmaster Tools? You can getter look at your keywords people are searching for to hit your site here. It seems Google’s Analytics is hiding some of this data.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools


3. Google Adwords

OK, technically you don’t have to sign up for the service – but if you want to use the keyword tools or any of the other without endlessly entering in the obscure captchas?  It just makes life easier. Plus, you never know – you might end up with an advertising budget some day :-)

Google AdWords  Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool


4. Bing Webmaster Tools

Same concept as Google – you need to join this site as well and get your blog verified. Why? Well since Bing and Yahoo searches are combined like the Borg now? If you want to get found on them this is the first step in that direction.  I don’t know but it seems like Bing is very stingy with its indexing – so have great content of face not getting your post/site indexed.

Bing Webmaster Center

Bing Webmaster Center


5 .Technorati

I’ve heard conflicting reports that this Blog Directory isn’t as great as it has been in the past. BUT – regardless I have still registered on there (because hey.. its a free back link to your site!) This is one of those “litmus test” sites I mentioned. Its a rough guide to see if your site is performing well or not when compared to other blogs.




6. Alexa

This is one of those “freemium” sites. You can sign up for their free service and get your  site listed there though. For me the importance was to see how many ‘do follow’ back links are linking back to my blog. Plus it is one of those “ego boosts” I was talking about. I went from a Global Ranking of 9 Million to 293,000 (45,000 in the U.S.) since I started back in December 2011!

Alexa is a great way to spy on your competition and see where they are posting to. I’ve done this alot to get backlinks back to here.

Alexa the Web Information Company



7. Quantcast

Quantcast is another “fremium”.  If you want to see some “truer” stats for your site you can sign up for their free service as well. Why? Well it will supposedly give you stats that are more accurate than Google Analytics. Plus it has this cool feature where you can see the demographics of the people visiting your site and will let you know if your site is attracting the right people to your blog!

Quantcast   Home



Wait.. you said “Truer”?  Well, the problem is that everyone measures your site’s traffic data differently. For example Google analytics states I have over 9,000 visitors while Quantcast and Clicky (read below) states that I have between 7500 – 8000 visitors this month.

So which one is right? Um.. they sort of all are. The thing is don’t take anyone of them as being 100% accurate.  To better understand what I am talking about you really need to check out Kissmetrics Blog Post about it. Neil Patel goes into better detail about the stats I just mentioned and a few others I haven’t!


I know this means it is actually 8 tools. But I’ve just started really using this tool and understanding it’s relevance to monitoring my site.


This is yet another “freemium” site to monitor your traffic. The good news is that even though this is yet another “freemium” application – you get a lot of bang for your free. :) They also have a Chrome (and Firefox) plugin so you can see what is happening with your site without ever having to leave your current tab.

Web Analytics in Real Time   Clicky

Web Analytics in Real Time Clicky

 Your Turn!

What tools do you use to monitor your blog? Leave a comment below and list what you use!

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  1. shashi kumar says

    Too much informative article on analytic with different website and i think everyone should have to know different resources for getting feedback for their blog or website.
    Thanks for sharing

      • shashi kumar says

        Thanks for suggestion
        One by one i will use them all and try to find out the difference so that i can choose one best for me

  2. Nishadha says

    I’m also a big fan of Clicky and it does offer some fantastic information about the visitors for your site. Filtering those data could be a bit of an issue if you have high traffic site though.

  3. Tim Casey says

    Dude love your posts, but I tried the Bing thing and couldn’t figure it out. I just don’t speak the language and the three options Bing gives you are just something I didn’t know how to do. Any more advice on that?

    • says

      Where were you getting stuck at? I’ll have to take a look. I see you moved your blog to WordPress.com – so let me see what I can find out and get back to you.

  4. Brain says

    Analytic of the web site and blog is too important for knowing the visitors activity and interest. You can also find the most popular content of your website so you can get optimize it well. Do you help me with the Alexa ranking importance? As i have a bit confusion in my mind that, How much Alexa ranking is worth for Ad-senses?

  5. Rajnish357 says

    I started using few Analytics Site but Seems like Google Analytics always shows less visitors than othere, can anyone tell me what can be reason. As I know GA is most used and reputed because it is from G the god of Web.

    • says

      It depends on what analysis tools you are using. If you are using Awstats or Webalizer? They literally show ALL traffic that goes to your site. Google does a pretty good job of filtering “real people” traffic whereas the one’s I mentioned don’t.

      And other services such as Clicky or Quantcast reflect different numbers as well. I use these tools as a “rule of thumb” measurement and stick with what Google tells me.