Ad Relevance and Effective Ad Implementation

ajg-vert-logoOne of the most basic ways of monetizing your efforts on your blog or website would be through the display of ads. The placement of ads have a significant impact on your clickthrough rates and consequently your advertising revenue. Clickthrough rates are also affected by the nature and theme of your website – for e.g. a tech website would have a proportionately larger tech savvy audience, one of the problems faced by these sites is ad-blocker, case in point, Ars Technica.

I’ve been working on several niche websites designed to get the visitors to clickthrough on the ads, and I would like to kindly share with you what I’ve learnt about effective ad implementation, alongside ad relevance in a website.

Blend your Ads

As much as possible, you’d want your ads to look like they’re part of your content. People who overlook this stand to lose a significant number of clicks on their ads. One example of poor ad blending is – their use of Google’s default adsense colors make their ad stick out like a sore thumb and it only serves to warn people against clicking on it.

The right way to blend your ads would be making sure their colour scheme is consistent with your website.   The ad’s ‘title’ should be similar to your post title, your ad ‘text’ should match the text of your post content, and the ad ‘URL’ should be subtle – grey is a good choice.

When implemented properly, you can make the ads look like headlines on your website, as demonstrated on GreatDealsSingapore.

You can take a extra step to make your ads indistinguishable for real content by adjusting the hover colour of the links on your website.

I actively practice this on my niche sites, and as you can see, the post title (top), ads (middle), and post content (bottom) are almost indistinguishable. If you’d like to, you can visit Courses in Singapore to see how it’s implemented.

Making tweaks and adjustments to your Google ads can be done within your adsense account – My Ads > + New Ad Unit.

Ads within Content

One of the most prominent spots you can place your ad in would be just below your post title. This method of ad placement counteracts the tendency of visitors being ‘blind’ to your ads that are placed on your sidebars and columns.

Generally speaking, ads placed in such a manner are intrusive and detracts from the visitors’ site experience, but skillful blending will help to remedy this issue. If your ads are well blended and highly relevant to the article, they may even value add to your content. The 3 things you want to look out for when blending your ads are 1) colour, 2) font type, and 3) font size.

To a significant extent, it’s not about how many ads you put on your site, but how well you implement them and how closely related they are to the site content. If you would like to nest ads within your content, here’s a really helpful tutorial.

Ad Relevance

Sites with high traffic and low clickthrough rates might hint a significant level of irrelevance. Your website’s most susceptible to this when there aren’t many advertisers related to the categories or topics that you cover. The best way to assess this is through 1) Google Websmaster Tools (GWMT) and 2) Google’s Keyword Tool (GKWT).

On GWMT, assess which search queries you’re ranking for, then enter them on GKWT to see the level of competition for the keyword. A high level of competition means that a significant number of advertisers are bidding for their ads to appear alongside that keyword and its content. On the flip side, low competition keywords are supplemented with categorically unrelated ads to help fill up the ad space. A positive example of ad relevance can be seen on –

In Summation

The effectiveness of your ad placement depends on 2 important factors – 1) Ad Implementation and 2) Ad Relevance. Effective ad implementation will help you increase the visibility of your ad and make it look harmonious with your content. Ad relevance affects the likelihood of visitors clicking on your ad, the better the fit between your content and ads, the higher your clickthroughs.

Work towards getting both of these factors right and you’ll enjoy a significant boost in ad revenue (independent of your site traffic and number of ads displayed.)

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  1. Brain says

    Very informational post on ads. Thanks Jason for allowing Herman to post such a nice things. Herman you are absolutely right on ads relevancy, if the ads are relevant as per the content then the click through ratio on ads is increasing.

    • says

      What Herman talks about it very important when it comes to ad placement. I have been testing ad placement on my own site and I can attest to what he talks about!

      • Herman Soh says

        Hey Jason, you’ve done a fine job building your site considering how your niche of gaming, tech and internet marketing are some of the most competitive spaces online

        • says

          Herman – thanks! If I had known I was going to choose the 3 toughest niches on the internet…. :-) Still its been a fun challenge!

    • Herman Soh says

      Hi Brain,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post :) I blog on PopConversation, the topics which are covered are very broad, the adsense displayed alongside my content are usually not related to lifestyle and entertainment, and the clickthrough on these ads are low even with a modest amount of traffic and really intrusive ad placement. Ad relevance is really important.

  2. Herman Soh says

    Hi Jason, thank you so much for this opportunity to guest post :) I look forward to sharing more useful online marketing content with your readers

  3. Jeanne says

    Thanks for sharing this information its really true that Ad is very effective in promoting a business.

  4. Tina says

    Excellent article. I always find this site to be just what I need to read that day. My silent questions ALWAYS are answered. Thanks to the contributors.

    • Herman Soh says

      Hi Tina, thank you for sharing your feedback :) I’m glad that you found the article to be useful.

  5. Kenneth Schauer says

    Nice guest post! Placing ads is something I struggle with. I’m finding that Jason is providing me with better and better advice without having to fire up Pidgeon to do it! That is if he’s smart and runs linux like the cool kids.


  6. Annamalai Nagappan says

    I enjoyed this article, as getting well versed in adsense implementation takes time and lot of case studies. But what about ads that are displayed as navigation links.