Android Smartphone – Common Sense Tips to Extend Your Battery Life

improve_battery_life_thumbThese are my common sense tips on how to extend battery life for your Android Phone. Depending on how much your phone has been locked down will depend on how well these tips will work for you. These are my real world experiences with how I save battery life (When I absolutely cannot get to a power source that is!) with my phone.

Keep Your Phone Charged

I know it sounds redundant. But having a full battery is a happy battery. And it improves the over all life of the battery and puts less strain on it.

Turn Down the Brightness!

Sure we all love those Super-AMOLED  screens that are super bright and super crisp! But it comes at a cost.  It is probably the #1 power drain on your phone. So either change the brightness settings down or have it set to Automatic. Either one will give you a little bit more juice.

Manage Your Applications

There are hundreds of thousands of applications out in the Google Market today. But do you need to download them all like collecting Pokemon? The answer is no of course. You should take a look at what applications you have installed and delete the ones your finding your not using. Why? Because they may be running in the background stealing your phone’s precious resources and battery life. For those who can go to your Phone Settings -> Manage Applications -> All and see what is running there.

Turn off your Synching

We synch everything nowadays with our phones. Facebook, Google, Gmail, Email, Twitter, Foursquare etc.. Gotta synch them all!  But your phone pays for it. Not only in battery life but your data plan too if your not on a wireless connection.  So turn off services you do not need updates from on a continual basis – or if you get the option to synch manually – hit that button! Your battery and data plan will thank you. (And so will your wallet!)

Turn off Wireless

Are you on the road a lot? Or at locations that do not have Wireless access? Turn off your Wireless so it stops trying to search for an access point that doesn’t exist. Depending on your type of phone  you can do this from your Notification Bar, or go to your Phone Options -> Wireless Options

Turn off GPS

If you aren’t traveling why keep it on? Although applications such as Facebook, Google, FourSquare, Weather etc. use it – you don’t need to keep it on unless you need it.

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers

I currently run Ice Cream Sandwich and I like the live wallpaper that it comes with (read my post here about my experience with it btw!). I don’t really think this is the hugest worry for battery life. BUT if you need every ounce of juice from your phone turn off the Live Wallpapers.

 Turn Off Your Phone?

This is the extreme case – and defeats the purpose of having an Android phone to begin with I know. But… if you want to save the go-juice you can always turn if off when your not using it.

Task Killers and Memory Managers

OK, this is where people will debate over the use of these types of apps on your phone. Do they work? Maybe. Do they save battery life? Again… maybe? There are articles out there for and against these types of apps. Personally? I don’t use them. I think they are gimmicky and if the folks over at Google haven’t added these types of features to your phone already – there is a reason for it.

So, How Am I Supposed To Do All This?

Well Android has made it easy with your Power Widget!  If you don’t wish to use the one that comes with your phone you can always get SwitchPro from the Android Market. (I prefer it – has more options, customizations, etc.)

And just to support my case I did a quick Google Search and came up with these:
lifehacker:  Android Task Killers Explained
android-life: Revisiting Android Task Killers and Why You Don’t Need One

What other tips can you offer for Android smart phone users? Leave a comment to share below!

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