avgjoegeek.net Turns a Year Old! | Blog Audit

ajg-vert-logoWell, I’ve been banging on the keyboard for over a year now! Too many late nights, too much cold coffee, staring at the screen until I can’t read the text. Not really! :) If your doing that then your doing something wrong! I usually get what I need done by writing a few hours a day! This is another thank you post / blog audit on the state of avgjoegeek.net.

Thank You Again!

I know I just wrote a quick Thank You post in November. But I don’t think you can say thank you enough. I’d like to say thanks to everyone again for your help this year! Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to progress as much as I have been!


All of these people have taken the time to answer my questions, provide advice, let me help them, or been all around nice folks in general. I highly suggest visiting each and every site as you will learn from each of them! Oh, and Thanks again!

Blog Audit

OK folks, I will be changing my format for this blog audit. The one thing I won’t include? My earnings. Not until I get to a certain amount and can provide some definitive proof that I’m making that money. I will say that I am making SOME money. It just happens to be an insignificant amount. You won’t see any “How to Make Money” posts on here any time soon!

Web Stats

Below are the over all stats for the year. Don’t weep though – it took a bit for traffic to pick up and a ton of work to get there!

PR Rank Update

Although people say we shouldn’t really care about out Page Rank? We all still do lol!  Google has gone through and updated PR Rank for sites and I’m now a PR3 site! Not bad for a little blog like this one eh?

Google Analytics

This time I’ll do the entire year instead of 6 months. The year for me is from Dec 15th 2011 until today Dec 15th 2012.  With 200 articles posted by me and a few guest posts I end the year with the following stats:

  • Visits (Total): 148,725
  • Unique Visitors: 131,927
  • Pageviews: 195,129
  • Pages / Visit: 1.31
  • Avg. Visit Duration: 00:00:57
  • Bounce Rate: 84.75%

Although things like Monthly Visitors is generally higher and my Bounce Rate is actually lower than this; the entire year shows that I still need to keep working on it!

Top 10 Sources of Traffic

I didn’t realize it but I had mis-labeled this as “Referral” traffic instead of traffic sources!

  1. google / organic 115,473
  2. (direct) / (none) 16,435
  3. google.com / referral 2,142
  4. yahoo / organic 1,399 1.31
  5. stumbleupon.com / referral 1,373
  6. feedburner / feed 1,256
  7. bing / organic 1,114
  8. facebook.com / referral 739
  9. google.co.uk / referral 470
  10. ask / organic 365

 Top 10 Referrals of Traffic

This is the top 10 sites that Referred traffic to avgjoegeek.net

  1. google.com 2,142
  2. stumbleupon.com 1,373
  3. facebook.com 739
  4. google.co.uk 470
  5. t.co 308 2.89
  6. google.ca 212
  7. bloggers.com 178
  8. google.com.au 174
  9. pinterest.com 159
  10. google.de 154

Alexa Ranking

I don’t know what happened. After I moved to a different host it went haywire and still hasn’t recovered. So… this is why I use this a generic “thermometer” on how avgjoegeek.net is doing. I don’t use this as true social proof or anything like that – and neither should you!



Its funny that I actually rank higher in other countries than my own… the U.S.

  Country            Rank

Oh, I stopped using Clicky – as I want to cut down on the amount of java script I have loading on the site.

Top 10 Posts for avgjoegeek.net

What sucks when I see this? The links with ZERO Comments? I feel like I’ve failed the reader or maybe they were searching for something else and clicked on my link. I just wish they would have left me a comment. Even if it was “THIS IS GARBAGE” at least I would have some type of feedback! Since I lost my job as a mind reader? I’ll just have to keep guessing and working on getting users to leave some type of feedback. Which I’ve tried to make as easy as possible by using both WP Comments and Facebook!

  1. How to Install New Maps for PS3 Call of Duty MW3 DLC                                146 comment(s) | 38,586 view(s)
  2. 5 Tips on How to Play Call of Duty MW3 Like a Boss                                             0 comment(s) | 7,754 view(s)
  3. CloudFlare Review | Does It Really Work?                                                             30 comment(s) | 6,571 view(s)
  4. Should you Root Your Android or iPhone Smartphone?                                 22 comment(s) | 4,315 view(s)
  5. iPhone 5 Announced | Playing Catch Up instead of Leading the Pack?         2 comment(s) | 4,049 view(s)
  6. Call of Duty MW3 Updates | Terminal Map Live | PS3 DL Woes Continue    6 comment(s) | 2,746 view(s)
  7. Sony PS3 Wireless Headset Review| How Does It Compare to Others?         3 comment(s) | 2,591 view(s)
  8. 5 Reasons Why Call of Duty Black Ops II Is Going to Blow MW3 Away         6 comment(s) | 2,483 view(s)
  9. Call of Duty MW3 New Maps Collection 1 Available on 3/20/2012               3 comment(s) | 1,912 view(s)
  10. Call of Duty MW3 Updates | PS3 Gets Terminal and Black Ops II Info | 7/27/2012


Advertising and Affiliates

Although I stated I wouldn’t be listing my earnings. I do want to provide a few updates!


I finally actually received a check from Google this December. So that means it took an ENTIRE YEAR to get this check. Which tells you how long it takes if your getting mediocre traffic. :)  Adsense will only be worth it when you have A) A TON of traffic and B) Your content is highly targeted toward higher CPC ads – which is a science all in of itself.

Other Sources/Affiliate Earnings:

Below is a list of Affiliates that I use to try and generate additional income for the site. Beware these are referral links and I will generate a commission if you decide to use them for your own site!

Some big news is that I am now providing ads with Link Share who has a LOT of high profile sites!  That and I am now an Amazon Affiliate through the help of my brother who lives in California :) Thanks bro!


OK, I didn’t add this last time – but if I’m doing an audit I figure I should put these out as well.  I really need to start pushing for subs – Email and RSS lists are the hidden traffic booster of any blog and I’ve been neglecting them!

  • Email Subscribers – 50 Yes.. that isn’t a mis-type its fifty FIVE-ZERO
  • Feed (RSS) Subscribers – 92


As you can see there is still work to be done! I do think I am successful though! Why? Well I’ve been around for an entire year where I wrote and updated the blog for the entire year. That is a win in and of itself. That and the fact that I made ANY money at all? That’s a win too!

So what are ways you use to get better engagement with your content? What tips do you have to try and get my Bounce Rate down? Do you have any other suggestions? Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know below!

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  1. Justin Germino says

    I rank much higher in other countries than the U.S. as well, I am like #9000 something in the Philippines for example. This is just the nature of the game, also as you network with so many other bloggers Internationally and their audiences discover you you will find you truly have a global reach. This is something important to consider when writing for your audience and also monetization, making sure your articles are Global Approachable and all can relate. One metric to pay attention to is total # of visits and origin of countries, if they skew to where more than 60% of your blog traffic is from outside the U.S. or your native country you definitely may need to shift monetization tactics, or implement localization features.

    • says

      Moving hosts and forgetting to update Alexa right away kind of screwed me over.

      I see what your saying though Justin – I’ll have to take a look and see how I can adjust or implement localization (which would be ideal!).

      Thanks as always sir!

  2. Nishadha says

    That’s very good going for a one year and to be honest I thought you have being blogging way before a year. All the best for another year.

    • says

      I’ve actually been on the web for over 10 years! I’ve done various projects from running an actual website, to online forums, to CLAN web portals. But never tried to make money online. This is technically the first time I decided to be serious about blogging. This is a completely different animal from what I was used to but it has been a fun albeit frustrating journey at times!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. Sai Kumar says

    Hi Jason Mathes, Congrats on Completing 1 year of avgjoegeek and All the Best for coming years. Happy Blogging!

  4. Bryan says

    Congratulations Joe! Keep at it. You’ve got an awesome blog with great humor.

    I nearly completely stopped about a month after my blog’s first birthday, which coincided with summer vacation turning into a very busy day job. Here’s the funny thing: I haven’t posted since September, but my traffic continues to slowly rise. And all the money my blog has made (except for $1) has come since after I stopped posting. Must be all the link love you give me :-).

      • says

        LOL that’s too funny! We’ll I’m glad I could still help you get traffic. I was wondering if you had decided to call it quits though as I noticed you last post after I wrote the article.

        Are you going to pick it back up or pack it in and quit though? For me I hope to keep plugging away at this learning and becoming a better writer! I have a ton of ideas just no time to get them implemented it seems.

        Well Happy Holidays Bryan! Hope to see you around on your blog!

        • Bryan says

          Not calling it quits just yet. Work has been taking up a lot of time, so I thought I’d try to kill two birds with one stone and develop an education technology blog. That will help keep more material coming for The Hobby Blogger. Never enough time though :-)

          • says

            Good! You have a great blog and I’d hate to see it go away. LOL Time Management is the bane of every blogger I think – well at least us “part-timers” any ways! Good luck with the new blog and hopefully work will let up a bit!

  5. Abhi Balani says

    Hey Jason!

    Your welcome! And Thank You for putting my name here. :)

    Congratulations on completion of a successful year for your blog. I wish you success ahead.
    I did write audit like this for both of my blogs last year, but I don’t think I will be writing this year. If I would write there would only be talks about contests. LOL!

    • says

      I think I forgot to mention the BlogEngage contest (again) I’ll have to re-go through this post and see if I’m missing anything else. Thanks Abhi – I hope the next year brings you success as well!