avgjoegeek’s Blogging Goals for 2013

ajg-vert-logoI know its February and I’m just getting around to writing this. But to tell you the truth between the death of a family member, and having to deal with someone being sick in my house for the entire month of January? I haven’t felt like writing all that much :)  Take a look at avgjoegeek’s Blogging Goals for 2013. You might be surprised at what you find inside!

ID-1001288911. Less Advertising

I realize it, you see it, and I’m tired of it. I’m going to be killing ALL of the In-Textual ads I ran in 2012. (Just need to get a pay out and then *poof* they will be gone forever!)  Not only that but I will be offering less advertising space to banners as well. Instead of the FOUR spots I currently have – I will be cutting it down to 3. I know nothing dramatic – but if I can cut down the flashy stuff you don’t care about anyways? It will help us both focus more on the content – which is what your here for anyways!

2. More Writing!

Well I should say some better focus on writing. So I might actually be posting less. But I will do my best to make the articles more in-depth with better research. No more am I going to try and keep up with the rest of the internet. Being only one guy – it is way to difficult to do and it has burned me out.  So I guess I should have put that down to “Better” Writing?

ID-100988833. More Products

This is the year I hope to write and release my first e-book. This isn’t going to be some 15 page junk e-book you see everywhere else though. I’m taking my time and at this point it is already at 20 pages and I’m nowhere near done with it!

What other guides/products would you like to see that haven’t been done before?

youtube4. Back to YouTube?

I originally created this site to help build my YouTube site. And I sort of went a little backwards and I focused on the website and pretty much dropped  YouTube altogether. I’m going to take a look and will either drop the channel altogether or start adding some how-to vids this year.

5. Less ‘Fluff’ and More ‘Stuff’

I’m tired of hearing “Content is King”. But what I am really tired of are posts just like this one. A “List” post. For me this is just copping out – and I’m guilty of it. It is an easy way to get something written sure. But it doesn’t take much effort and doesn’t really offer anything for the user (most of the time.)

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6. Worry Less About Stats

Yup, This is the year of not worrying too much about statistics. I spent so much time focusing on useless stats that it hurt my ability to write articles I wanted to write instead of what I found by doing keyword research. Now I will write what YOU want as well as what I want  to write about :)

7. Being Consistent

I’ll do my best to find an update schedule and stick with it. This way you won’t get 6 updates one week and 3 the next (or worse the ZERO the week before that).

ID-100692658. Build My List

Yup – I want to not only offer you great products, articles, and share with you some great stuff. I want to be able to add you to my mailing list! This way I can offer you stuff from “behind the scenes” for being a loyal subscriber!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So I guess you can consider this like New Years resolutions. But if you don’t have goals? What direction will your own blog, project, etc go in? Most likely no where.

What are your goals for this year 2013? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. Allie says

    Hey Jason,

    It sounds like you are going through quite the transformation.

    I barely look at my analytics these days. Many SEO gurus would shun me for saying that but I spent so much time worrying about how and why I got traffic, I was getting no traffic. I take my time now to socialize. And check my stats maybe once a month just to make sure I am still on track.

    Good luck to you in 2013. Sorry it had to start off so horrible. :(


    • says

      Allie – thanks! It has been a rough start. But I have decided to get “back in the saddle” as the saying goes and keep plugging away at this. I do enjoy blogging. Just not some of the ways you have to go about doing it to make money or get traffic. So I’m going to try and focus more on providing quality content and networking.

      And being a stat junkie is a double edged sword. I think part of the problem a lot of bloggers have is they aren’t looking at the right things in their analytics. They just look at the page views, and not other things like SEO, search terms that could provide additional ideas for content, or find out if people are visiting and leaving after a few seconds indicating they didn’t like the content you wrote.

      Good luck to you too!

      • Kabenlah Cudjoe says

        I certainly wish you success with the goals you’ve decided to embark upon. Indeed checking stats often sometimes demoralizes a lot.

        • says

          Well it wasted time for me. I was so busy checking stats I wasn’t writing enough. So now I’ll be focusing on providing killer content instead of being a stat junkie!

  2. sadek says

    I like the less advertising term in your 2013 goal.
    limited no. of advertising provides better user experience with any blog.

  3. Lahaul Seth says

    It’s always important to have some goals for your blog. I have some goals as well for my blog, but I sometimes can’t maintain my schedule because of college. But still having a goal always gives you more determination to stick to a schedule. Thanks for sharing your goals, Jason. Loved the post.

    • says

      Yup that is the hardest thing for any part time blogger. Time management. Do your best to be consistent and you should do fine! LOL and of course – College comes first! (Just like my family always does.)

  4. Ashish says

    Consistency is really important in any work . If you want to become successful you must stick to the plan. Thanks for sharing your goals with us and I hope you will succeed.
    Thanks & Regards