Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Announced – Reveal Trailer Review

Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-LogoLast night (May 1rst 2012) Call of Duty officially announced the new Call of Duty Game Black Ops 2. This is a huge departure from the first game as they have taken it to 50 or so years into the future. I don’t know if they should have used the name Black Ops as it looks more like “Future Warfare”. But I guess that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. (I’m teasing of course – the title does make sense)

Take a look inside as I break down the Roll Call/Announcement YouTube Video. I’ll go over everything from the story, the vehicles, weapons, and touch on Zombies/Multi Player. Read on to see how I pick it apart!

Story Arch

Treyarch is progressively moving up in time with each game it puts out. From their first installment World at War they presented their game during WWII. With Black Ops they introduced us to the Cold War and Vietnam. Now with the introduction of Black Ops 2 – they introduce us to the very near future.

Which again makes sense – since they are unable to impinge upon the current “Modern Warfare” series put out by Infinity Ward. It would be too close to just copying Modern Warfare 3.


We are given a narration of the general story and introduction by Sgt. James Woods USMC Ret. from a Vault Video dated June 19,2025. He goes on about how we created robot armies and how it is all fubard. And what would happen if the enemies were somehow able to gain control of them?

Black Ops II - In-Game Date of New Call of Duty Game

Black Ops II – Set into the Future

So the whole premise of the story is what is Terrorists were able to gain control of the armies of the world – how would they be stopped? Of course the uber secret Black Ops group of soldiers will have to come out and save the day.

Sgt Woods is quoted in the trailer saying:

They’ll always need Men Like Us! – Those who are willing to do, what others cannot.

Black Ops II - Men Like Us

Men Like Us

We get glimpses of different locations, the tech, guns, bits of the Campaign, and of course Horses(?).  Which strangely enough would make sense if your trying to fight off advanced weaponry that has been taken over by the enemies. What do you have left but low tech?

BOII Horses

Hi-Ho Silver?


In this near future we get a glimpse of some of the crazy futuristic vehicles both on the ground and in the air. From bipedal unmanned sentries, to Star Wars inspired quadruped tanks, quad rotor helicopters, and futuristic turbine jets – this Call of Duty has it all.  Take a look at the screen shots below to see what I’m talking about.

BOII Sentry

Unmanned Sentry


Quadruped Tank

BOII Turbine Jet

Turbine Jet

Call of Duty Black Ops II Jets




With this release trailer we get small glimpses of the guns being used. And none of them are great shots. I can catch a glimpse of the following: A handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and a Light Machine Gun. Although we get a glimpse of a few weapons – we won’t really know what is included until they do the Multi Player announcement. (Which will probably happen at COD XP 2012 in London this year!)

BOII Handgun


BOII Shotgun


BOII Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle


Light Machine Gun



The reveal trailer really doesn’t go into great detail. But as usual this is an epic battle across the world. You do get a glimpse of Los Angeles. And the other parts that they show from the Campaign appear to be from Afghanistan possibly?  Of course the game is still in development so we will get glimpses of  the different locales at a future date.




Los Angeles



Zombies and Multi Player

Unfortunately there is no real information about Zombies or Multiplayer (Well not entirely true… Read my article on  Black Ops II Rumors about Multiplayer). This is just a reveal trailer for the Campaign mode for the game. I will make sure to post more information as I receive it. The irony is that people (i.e. me) don’t really care about the Campaign. I turn on the game and immediately figure out how to get it to launch as Multiplayer only :)

There was an interesting quote from Mike Lamia -Treyarch about Zombies though:

It’s out biggest and most ambitious Zombies effort … Ever!

We will need to wait and see what Treyarch has up its sleeves though to find out what he means by that.

Reveal Trailer

Below is the Reveal Trailer just in case you missed it.

What is even better than the reveal trailer? If you go to Call of Duty YouTube Channel for Black Ops 2 you can see their interactive reveal trailer – which is used to justify why they used the technology they have in the game in “Documentary” snippets with some real interesting sources. Go check it out!

Availability and Pre Order

The Game will be available November 13, 2012 for the masses. I know I will be grabbing a copy.   What do you think? Is Treyarch going in the right direction with Black Ops 2? Or should they have kept it in the present?

Oh – and you can pre-order the game now!

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  1. Rajnish says

    Wow Great, I am very aggressively waiting for the final release so I can take it and Play, I have Played Call of Duty 1 and IGI 2 recently and like both a lot but there is seems to be a problem for me, Seems like my current system will not be able to handle this Part.

    Anyway I am Very Happy.

  2. James Fabian says

    I will play it on my Xbox360, cause my PC is so last 5 years ago. Unfortunately, for the console gamers, the graphics will be the same as last year’s Modern Warfare 3, the bugs will be the same, online games will be the same :(

    • says

      Yea I just wish that they would actually listen to the community and try and resolve the issues that the COD series suffers from it would be even that much better. But the realities appear that it is more important to get the dollars in rather than make the players happy. If Black Ops 2 ends up being the same? It will be the last of the series I will be playing.

      • James Fabian says

        Each year that I buy a CoD title and I got a campaign that lasts 5-6 hours and a messy multiplayer, I swear it is the last CoD I will ever buy it. No more, kaput, fin. Then I see the trailer for the next CoD, I’ll buy it just to find – guess what: a campaign that lasts 4-5 hours and the bonus – a messy multiplayer.

        • says

          LOL I hear ya. Every year I pretty much go through the same thing. But Black-Ops 2 will probably be the last one I will buy. It seems the Call of Duty series is just getting old and stale (like Battlefield before this, Quake, Unreal Tournament etc..) It just happens. It will be time to try and find another shooter that I can love to hate!

          • James Fabian says

            Let’s make a promise that Black Ops 2 will be the last game you and I will buy until something radical changes in the way Activision treats CoD series.

    • says

      Yea a lot of people are wary of this one. I am too!

      I’m on the fence until I see the MP part of the game. Seems to be some strange rumors how it’s going to be done… So we’ll have to wait until COD XP hits!