Call of Duty Black Ops II Double XP Launch Weekend Announced

Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-LogoWith Call of Duty Black Ops II gearing up for release in November. They are trying to dangle the carrot in front of us. Now its with Double XP for the Launch Weekend. Find out how to get it as well as take a look at the actual launch trailer for the game inside.


Call of Duty Black Ops II Double XP for Launch Weekend

Call of Duty Black Ops II Nuketown Double XP Launch Weekend

Yup, you too can get Double XP during the first weekend of the launch. But only if you pre-order the game!  Of course you will get the bonus map Nuketown 2025 as well if you do. So if you’ve been holding back and don’t want to be left behind? I suggest getting your pre-order in now if you wish to have it by Release day.

Why Get Call of Duty Black Ops II?

If you need a little help in deciding on to pre-order or not? Take a look below at what is changing and being brought back with Black Ops II:

  • Multi Team Deathmatch – 4 Teams at a time!?
  • The “Pick 10″ system for building custom classes.
  • Point Streak system for earning
  • Custom Avatars are coming back.
  • Better Clan management and Tournament system.
  • No Grenade Launchers!
  • No Second Chance!
  • Dolphin Diving and Tamahawks (Combat Axe)
  • and of course …. Zombies!

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So go Pre-Order Today!

 Call of Duty Black Ops II – Official Launch Trailer

With AC/DC “Back in Black” as the sound track and some interesting visuals. We get another teaser of the Campaign mode of Black Ops II. Makes me almost want to play the Campaign this time around…. almost.

So what do you think about Black Ops II so far? Think it is going to blow away Modern Warfare 3? Better than the original Black Ops? Or is it going to be the same old Call of Duty in a shiny new wrapper?

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  1. Justin Germino says

    I can honestly say I loved playing the original Black Ops on local multiplayer with my kids and zombie mode, when they released the patch that added AI opponents it was even better. I didn’t even play the single player campaign or online, just local with the boys. Black Ops 2 looks fantastic, even more and better in every way.

    • says

      Justin – With this one they seem to be pulling out all the stops. This is the first one since World at War where I will honestly want to play the Campaign. It looks absolutely insane! But of course the first thing I will probably do is go right to Multi – Player like I always do!