Call of Duty MW3 Week In Review for 4/13/2012

cod-mw3-updates_2It might be Friday the 13th – but that doesn’t mean it has to be unlucky if your a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Player! Even Playstation players get some love in this weeks Call of Duty MW3 Week In Review for 4/13/2012

Activision / Infinity Ward is keeping things jumping this week. We have new maps for both Xbox and Playstation, a chance to win 100k in Prizes in this weeks Lone Wolf Op – Core Team Deathmatch, and a new Community Drop called Gun Play! I forgot to report it last week.. so shoot me (online! PSN: avgjoegeek)! Lets take a look at what this weeks update has to offer!

Xbox ELITE Premium Players get Two New Maps Sanctuary and Foundation

If your on Xbox and an ELITE Premium member you are one lucky mofo. Two more MP maps Sanctuary and Foundation hit this week. Check them out below! For updates on when it will be available for PS3 make sure to keep checking back here or go to the Call of Duty Content Calendar.

Call of Duty MW3 Elite Drop 7 SanctuaryELITE Drop 7 New Map Sanctuary

Suspended in the air one thousand feet up, you’ll
battle more than altitude in the towering sandstone
monasteries of Central Greece. Formed over millions of
years, this sanctuary’s natural rock pillars have
repelled invading armies and withstood the ravages of
time but now they’ll face your deployment. Test your
skills—and the ancient monks’ craftsmanship—with your
arsenal of SMG’s, assault rifles and shotguns. Just
remember: don’t look down.

Call of Duty MW3 Elite Drop 8 FoundationELITE Drop 8 New Map Foundation

Journey into the heart of South Korea for a
decommissioned concrete factory where the cement flows
and bullets fly. After decades of constructing roads
and buildings, the towering facility is now a
perfectly-constructed combat zone for sniping and run-
and-gun rules of engagement. Don’t stand in awe of the
towering concrete crusher at the center of the factory
unless you want to see your kill ratio meet the same

Collection 1 Drops for PS3 ELITE and Available for non-ELITE on 4/18/2013!


MW3 Map Pack “Collection 1″

PS3 ELITE Premium players were able to get the rest of Collection 1 yesterday (4/12/2012). This is the last MP Maps Black Box and the first two Spec Op missions Black Ice and Negotiator! You can read more about it in this post here!

The other great news is that Playstation Non-ELITE Premium players can Pre-Order Collection 1 for PS3 right now! Get all 4 MP Maps Liberator, Piazza, Overwatch, and Blackbox as well as the 2 new Spec Op missions Black Ice and Negotiator for $14.99.

So what are you waiting for? Go get on the Playstation Store and pre-order your copy now!

Call of Duty ELITE 100k  Challenge

MW3 100k Challenge

MW3 100k Challenge

If you don’t already have an ELITE Premium membership.. this might be the straw that breaks the camels back for you. This weekend on 4/14/2012 you can win a chance for a  Trip for 2 to Paris to attend Paris Game Week which happens this October 21-25.

How do you Win?

This is for Core Team Deathmatch – Get the most kills to win. Simple.. but not easy as you know all the Beasts will be vying for that Number One slot!

You will need to sign up before 1:59 pm Tomorrow 4/14/2012 – so ENLIST NOW!

Winning Criteria

MW3 100k Prizes

MW3 100k Prizes

  • Enlist by April 14, 2012 1:59 PM [PDT]
  • Champion: Single best player
  • First and Second Place will receive: Trip for two to Paris Games Week
  • Third and Fourth Place will receive: Digital Camera/Camcorder Bundle
  • Fifth and Sixth Place will receive: ELITE Smith & Wesson Mountain Bike and Helmet
  • Gold: 90-100%
  • Silver: 75-90%
  • Bronze: 50-75%

Community Drop FFA Gun Play

MW3 Gun Game Community List

MW3 Gun Game

If Iyou remember Call of Duty: Black Ops you remember the Wager Matches. This is Call of Duty MW3’s spin on them. Instead of COD Cash though you get XP. Yea, apparently I missed this one as it was available since the end of March… You’ll have to excuse me as I was too busy playing it lol!

But, I can tell you that it is a lot of fun and it will take all of your skills to try and place first! If you need to work on your aim and the different guns – this is the mode to play to get them honed!

You can check out all the different game modes and how it all works from the Call of Duty Community Update

 Frag On?

So are you going to be enjoying the Spring sunshine or are you going to be too busy fragging and trying to win a trip to Paris? I will be out of town unfortunately so of course I will be missing out (as usual). Either way Good Luck and I hope you win!

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