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Jane Sheeba

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On November 30, 2012
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I take a look at Jane Sheeba's new eBook/Report: Can I REALLY Make Money Blogging? I go through what I liked and didn't like about this new book from the author and owner of Pro Blogging Success!

MakeMoneyBlogging3D-cover-smallIf you have been blogging for any amount of time you have probably run across Jane Sheeba’s site Pro Blogging Success. If you haven’t you should go there to help you learn the ins and outs of blogging and being successful online! She was kind enough to send me an early release copy of her latest Special Report/e-Book on how to make money blogging. This is my review of Jane Sheeba’s “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?” – is it worth it? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Pro Blogging Success

As I stated before Jane Sheeba’s  has been online for 7+ years now. She has dealt with the ups and downs of the internet and over that time has managed to come out on top. So when I was offered a chance to review her book I took it! Her current site Pro Blogging Success works with you (and me) on how to become successful with your own blog.

Can I Really Make Money Blogging?

Then I saw the title and groaned. Yet another “HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING” report! I was crestfallen at first. But then I hadn’t even opened it up yet! So I withheld my final judgement until I read the book and I spent the time poking through its pages with a fine toothed comb.

What I Liked About the Report

Quality ContinentWell Organized

I thought the book had great overall structure. It is very clearly laid out and easy to read. At no point did I feel like it had lost focus or wasn’t working toward the next subject. Jane presents the information in a very human approach without being berating or “preachy” either.

Primary Audience

This book is mainly aimed for someone who wants to start a blog or those new to blogging. But whether you are new or have been around for a bit (like me) you will still learn some great tips in this book. I just wish I could share them all with you!  You’ll just have to purchase the book to find out!  I do know that I will be implementing them  here ASAP!

Relevant Material to Today’s Internet

What I really enjoyed the most? Is how it is relevant to today’s Internet and not the techniques that worked say 10 years ago when I first was building websites on the internet. And she doesn’t bullshit you or in any way promise you huge riches. She does lay out a very clear plan of action and how to go about it to get your own project off the ground and do it right from the start.  Some of the topics that are covered that I think EVERY blogger should be doing:

  • Build a Model that Converts – Creating a Business Plan for your new (or existing) Blog
  • The Working Income Model – What works and what doesn’t for making money online.
  • List Building – How to correctly build your email list.

She has a TON of great information and goes into some awesome detail. For me personally I really enjoyed the whole List Building as Jane goes into great detail how she has her Aweber setup – which I have yet to see anywhere else. This alone makes the book worth it!

I just wish I had this book a year ago. It would have saved me so much time! 😀

Do you need more info? Still on the fence about this book? I would suggest going to the link below to read an excerpt article that is in the report. Its a great article and has a link to her new book in there.

Read More: Pro Blogging Success – Is Blogging a Viable Way to Make Money Online?

No Overkill on the Affiliate Links

You know when you get an e-book or a report like this you will see affiliate links. Although this book is no different I did appreciate the fact that they weren’t EVERYWHERE or shoved down my throat. Nothing is worse than a pushy sales person.

What I Didn’t Like

The only thing I didn’t like was Jane’s use of Grammar and Sentence Structure. Don’t get me wrong now. Jane is able to clearly talk to you about the subject matter. But at some points it made me cringe inwardly the waysome phrases were used and how sentences were put together.   Now this doesn’t take away from the book at all. This is a pet peeve of mine being an avid reader and  I tend to be overly judgmental about these types of things.

I’m my own worst critic BTW. If you have read enough of my articles you will soon realize I’m no Shakespeare myself!

Would I Recommend It?

MakeMoneyBlogging3D-cover-smallThis is a great report overall. It clearly lays out a plan for today’s Internet on how to plan for and setup to have your own successful blog and how to go about doing it. This is a great read especially for new bloggers or for those about to start a blog. Although even if you have been around for awhile you might pick up a trick or two as well! For the the price it is well worth the time and effort it is going to save you in the long run.

But – like any book  – it is ultimately just a tool – it is up to you the reader on how well you work to implement it!

I highly suggest that you get this book! You can get it either by clicking on the picture to the right or the link below:

Purchase “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?” by Jane Sheeba Here!


I can tell you personally that I enjoyed reading it and will be using it for my own site here. Thanks Jane again for lending me an early copy of the report!


I take a look at Jane Sheeba's new eBook/Report: Can I REALLY Make Money Blogging? I go through what I liked and didn't like about this new book from the author and owner of Pro Blogging Success!

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  1. Justin Germino says

    Glad you pointed out things you didn’t like, shows you actually reviewed the product. ESL is an issue with many International bloggers and it does hurt the professionalism of their work if it isn’t properly edited and presented.

    One suggestion for doing reviews like this is you may want to use the Author hReview plugin, it is fantastic for these types of things.

    • says

      I loved hReview when I tried it. The problem was how it showed up on the Searches was all messed up. I’m giving it another try now as I’ve changed around some plugins.

      And yes I did honestly read the review and liked the tips she has in there. They are quite helpful and not the same run of the mill stuff you’d normally see in a report/eBook like this.

      For the most part it read really well. There are just some minor sentence structure/phrasing that throws it off. Otherwise its a great report. I plan on using a few of these tips that is it in the eBook.

  2. Manual Joseph says

    I am a enthusiast of Jane’s Blog and I liked your Review on her book Can I Really Make Money Blogging? It was so nicely reviewed here that I would really like to buy this ebook.

    Hope you will come up with more such awesome ebook reviews in the future. :)

    • says

      Manual – Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure Jane will appreciate the kind words! The book really is worth it as it has some great steps you can take for your own blog to help you not only make money but build a following!

  3. Luana Spinetti says

    I truly enjoyed Jane’s book!

    Simple, easy to understand, actionable and friendly. I didn’t know about the 80/20 rule and seeing it applied to blogging helped me see new horizons as a marketer and not just a writer/blogger.

    Loved your review. :) And it’s true about affiliate links: Jane knows how to handle them without shoving them down readers’ throat. Sometimes you won’t even find a disclaimer stating some links in the e-book will be affiliate.

  4. Shalu Sharma says

    I have been following Jane Sheeba on her blog and she has lots of interesting things to say. She has very good advice on blogging and making money from blogging. I think this ebook will be a good one. Thanks for the review.

  5. says

    LOL it depends. I make money from basic passive advertising. But most of the money I make is from affiliate sales. But I don’t disclose the exact amount – I will say it isn’t that much at the moment :)