Captain America Avengers 8 Gig Memory Stick Review

ajg-vert-logoI opened my mail the other day and low and behold there was Captain America staring back at me defiantly holding up his shield. No it wasn’t THE Captain America. It was a 3 inch likeness of him hiding an 8 gig memory stick in his base. Thanks for Tmart for providing the very cool action figure! Take a look inside for pictures and how you can go about grabbing one for yourself!

Captain America and the Avengers


Package Front

You should all know what the Avengers and who Captain America is by now. No? Well here is a brief explanation of who Steve Regers a.k.a. Captain America is and what the Avengers are about.

Emblazoned with his patriotic red, white, and blue costume, and carrying his adamantium shield. Captain America is actually Captain Steve Rogers who during World War II underwent an experiment which turned him into a super human. Super human strength and speed. He was created to help fight off the Nazis in Europe. During a fight with his now arch nemesis the Red Skull he ends up crashing a plane into the North Pole where he is frozen for the next 70 years. (Source: Wikipedia)


Back of Package

Fast forward to today and he is found and thawed out. He is then called into action by S.H.I.E.L.D and inadvertently becomes the head of the Avengers. The Avengers are a group of Super Heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow who are set to defend the earth against whatever Super Villain is trying to destroy the planet. (Source: Wikipedia)

Captain America Avengers 8 Gig Memory Stick

So as I stated before I received the package in the mail. When I opened up the package I noticed the little guy in his cardboard wrapper. At first I thought it was just a little action figure and not a memory stick. Then I noticed that the base he stands on holds the actual memory stick. I took him out of his package and then took some action shots of him out on my patio.

Does it Work?


Ready for Action!

Then I took Captain America inside and plugged him into an available USB slot. The mem card worked! Pre-formatted as Fat 32 and having an available 7.20 gb free I was ready to be able to store my secret plans on …… oh wait I probably shouldn’t put those on that!  Seriously though. Although I think the Captain America stick is great – it would be impractical to try and use him outside of my office. Or try and plug him into my PlayStation 3. He is just too bulky for that. But for Laptops or USB Hubs he will work in a snap!

Available at Tmart

You can purchase your own set of Avenger action figure/memory sticks for $14.49 each directly from Tmart Avenger Action Memory!  They also have Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk available from the site.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that Captain America looks great for a mass produced model. The overall build quality was decent that I would let my 3 year old son play with him (if I wasn’t afraid of him losing it…).  But the overall size of the drive can make him impractical in certain applications. The other thing is the price. At $14.49 you can get a normal 16GB one or spend a few bucks more for a 32GB.  But if your a big fan of the Avengers and need a Super Hero on your desk for extra storage and protection though? This guy can’t be beat!

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  1. anubhav mishra says

    I love Captain America still today ,when i am 24 years old ,wow nice collection thanks for sharing