Google Graveyard | What Programs are Ending | What are the Alternatives?

google_graveyardIf you don’t know already Google is ending some pretty popular programs. From Google Reader, to Google Affiliate Networks, and now recently they are talking about removing Meebo in June 2013. So what are the alternatives available after these services go away? Fear not dear reader of the Google Graveyard I have some great alternatives that will resurrect them back to life!

Google Affiliate Network (GAN)


Google announced that it will be ending their CPA (Cost Per Action) Advertising program July 31,2013 but will continue to provide payments and support until October. If you used them for your advertising what alternatives are available to you? There are a LOT actually but the two I would recommend that have some great opportunities are listed below.

Commission Junction – I’ve been using Commission Junction since my first website back in 2000! They have always had some great advertising possibilities for just about any niche you can think of. For my niche of gaming/hardware? I have ads running from places like Think Geek, NewEgg, Otterbox, Body Glove, GoDadddy and more! Although commission rates might not be as high as GAN – this could still be a great fit for your own niche sites.

CJ also has a Pay Per Call program. Unfortunately I haven’t used it so I can’t really go into more detail about it. This is for those who run Call promotions using an 800 number? You’ll have to check it out if you decide to sign up with them.

Rakuten (Link Share) – I started with LinkShare in 2012 and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Not only do they have a great list of clients advertising with them there system is probably the best out there. Also not to mention you can opt to have emails sent to you whenever there is a special deal per advertiser you sign up with! Some examples that are on LinkShare? iTunes, Microsoft Store, Tiger Direct, World of Warcraft, Barnes & Noble (invite only) and more!

There is also the Lead Advantage program which will pay out flat commissions on any sign ups. I use this currently for the World of Warcraft ads you see on the site here. There are some great opportunities for those who have credit/debt type niche’s  with some great pay out commissions.


Google Reader

rip_google_readerPeople went crazy over this when they found out their favorite RSS reader is going to be retired. But no fear – there are some great alternatives out there to help replace it!

Before I go into the replacement applications available. If you want to keep your Google RSS information? Google was kind enough to provide a really simple tool to be able to download/export your Google Reader data. You can go here to learn how to export it!


Google Reader Reminder!

Flipboard – This awesome app available for both IOS and Android allows you to add your favorite RSS feeds and view them on your phone or tablet. To learn more about Flipboard I would click on the link below. It really is a slick app for reading RSS (and other content) on your phone or Tablet.

Read More: Flipboard Now Available for Android 6/22/2012

Feedly – Feedly is my favorite RSS reader already. So I wasn’t even affected when I heard that Google Reader was going bye bye.  I love this Chrome app as it not only adds my favorite RSS feeds – it displays them in some awesome ways so I can quickly scan and read entries I’m interested in.


I <3 Feedly


rip_meeboI just saw this one as of writing this article. This excerpt taken directly from the Wikipedia site gives a great explanation of what Meebo is:

Meebo was an advertising-supported embedded social media platform.[4] It began in 2005 as a browser based instant messaging program which supported multiple IM services, including Yahoo! MessengerWindows Live MessengerAIMICQMySpaceIMFacebook ChatGoogle TalkCafeMomZorpia, and others.

The reason for ending this? To focus their resources on the Goole + sign in, and Google + Plugins? Sometimes Google doesn’t make any sense. But.. then again it is Google and they can pretty much do whatever they want now can’t they? LOL.

Although this app is being retired there are still some great alternatives out there:

Wibyia – If you still need something like this for your own site? I suggest getting the Wibyia toolbar. Although it might not have all of the features or monetization – it offers some similar services.

Trillian – If you still want an all-in-one solution for your chat needs. Then Trillian is it. Although it isn’t a web based application and you’ll have to actually install this on your computer. It really is a great app for having all of your chat programs in one.  You can go to the trillian site directly by clicking here.

What Do You Suggest?

As you can see it isn’t the end of the world.  What other programs would you suggest as viable alternatives? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

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