Happy Thanksgiving 2013

happy-thanksgiving-2013Wow, it has almost been 2 years since I started avgjoegeek.net. And it has been quite a ride. Although this year isn’t as successful as the year before I have been working hard here to try and provide you with great content that helps you. This is one of those rare moments where I talk about me personally. So read on as to why I’m thankful this year and especially why I’m thankful to you dear reader who keeps visiting avgjoegeek!

A Wild Ride

This year has been full of pitfalls and changes. It started out with my Dad passing away. I still miss him terribly and this will be the first holiday season without him. I feel there is something missing. It just makes me sad that he isn’t going to be around to watch my boy grow up.

If that wasn’t bad enough Google changed everything with the way they display search results. And as a result my little blog was stuffed into no mans land. Where I was receiving about 25,000 visitors a month is now down to 3,000. Although at times I’ve really wanted to walk away from the keyboard to never write again. I decided to look upon this as a challenge and to see if I can bring it back. So far I’ve made some progress but it is slow going. So stay tuned and see if I can do it!

And this is a blessing in disguise. I’m a full time dad and blogger now. Why? Well my job went away this year like most helpdesk jobs are doing now. The company we were providing support for decided to move everything in house. Which is great for them. Not so much for me. So I talked with my wife and we made the tough decision to pack it up and move from Colorado to live with her parents in Kansas.

So yea… I’m that guy now. I’m a full time Dad and here I am blogging living with my In-Laws trying to make this work. :-)

What I’m Thankful For

familyI’m thankful for a lot of things actually!

My Wife!

First and foremost I’m thankful for my Wife! She is amazing. She is working while I get to stay home pecking away on the keyboard and take care of our son. Without her continued love, support, and encouragement I would have given up a long time ago.

My Son

He turned 3 this year and its amazing to see the ‘lights’ turn on. He is learning so fast now! It is definitely a full time job just keeping up with him. We have him in Preschool and every day seems like a new adventure for him. So I get to see life through his eyes and it helps me see things with a different perspective. Oh, and the fact that he is a Marvel Comic geek has been awesome! We sit together and watch the Avengers on Netflix. I’m pretty sure he wants to grow up to be Iron Man. Which I’m not sure if I’m OK with lol.

My Family

Definitely my family! Mom and Dad have welcomed us into their home and I cannot say how much I am thankful for doing that. They have been wonderful with helping us out and they get to see their grandson every day!

I’m grateful for my brothers as well! I was able to reconnect with my youngest brother this year and its been cool getting back in touch with him. And to my other brother and silent partner in all of this. Without his help I’d be completely sunk by now. I’m grateful to have someone who has my back like he does.

Of course my daughters – who I don’t hear from enough lol.

And to the rest of my family as well! I love you all very much!

The Blogging Community

i_love_my_blogI’m definitely thankful to the blogging community as well! It has definitely changed quite a bit – or maybe my perception of it has anyways lol. This year I was able to connect with some great people so I’d like to say thanks to them.

Bloggers Make Money – I met Wade online and found we both played Call of Duty. He also became one of my clients as well as my friend. If you haven’t checked out his site yet? You should. Ironically he doesn’t talk much about making money but more about Google Plus and using Psychology in Social Media.

Blog Engage – Brian has been a huge supporter of avgjoegeek.net. I’ve been using Blog Engage for quite awhile now and it has been a lifesaver. Even though Google might be pushing me into the background my articles still end up in the top of Google because of Blog Engage! If you are a new blogger and want to connect with other bloggers? Then I strongly suggest checking out Blog Engage.

Read More: Blog Engage Does It Actually Work? | My Honest Review

Basic Blog Tips – Ileane Smith not only has a great blog she has an awesome group on Facebook. But she also gave me a nod about my article about Twitter Cards. So Thanks!

Tom Jamieson – I connected with Tom through Blog Engage. I was able to help him out getting his Twitter Cards setup as well. Awesome guy and has a really great blog as well. You should go check his site out and let him know I sent you.

Oddblogger – I met Abhi through Blog Engage as well and have done a few guest posts for him too. You should check out the recent one I put together on his blog: 9 Elements Every Blogger Needs to Have for their Blog

Thanks for the Blogging Tools?

Yes, I’m thankful for the tools that help make blogging easier. No I’m not going to sell you anything – although these are affiliate links… hmm. OK, I’m not TRYING to sell you anything lol.

Genesis – The folks over at Studio Press were a lifesaver for me. With their framework I was able to keep my site up to date and ready to rock n roll.

CommentLuv – Thanks to Andy Bailey the creator of his awesome Commenting plugin! With it I am able to give some Luv back to the bloggers that visit.

GoDaddy – For their awesome support and service! I’ve been using them since the beginning and they are the only registrar I will use.

To You the Reader!

thank-youFor without you this blog would be nothing. I think a lot of blogs seem to forget this. I do my best not to. I want to continue to provide you with the best content I can write that helps you the reader. Thank you for visiting, reading, and sharing the posts on here. I do greatly appreciate it!

So you see? I have a lot to be grateful for! What are you grateful for this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Ileane says

    Hi Jason,

    It’s so nice of you to give thanks to your blogging friends in this post. Wishing all the best for you and your family this holiday season!