HTC One X Jelly Bean 4.1 Android OS Updates for the U.S.

htc_41_usa_smAlthough the HTC One X has been over shadowed by both the Samsung GSIII and the iPhone 5 it seems to still be hanging in there as a  in today’s smartphone wars. The good news is that although it might be forgotten in the consumer’s eyes it is still getting updated by HTC. Which is a good thing considering I personally own one! Take a look at what you will get with the HTC One X Jelly Bean 4.1 Android OS Update and when the U.S. will get it!

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS Update

This is mainly a “tweak and feature” update instead of a total complete upgrade say from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.  You can take a look at the entire list of updates from the Google Android JellyBean 4.1 Update page.

HTC One X 4.1 Update

With this update you will get everything listed on the Jelly Bean 4.1 update and you will get the latest Sense 4+ as well.

This 350 + mb download is going to include:

  • A remaining shot counter in the camera app
  • The HTC ‘Get Started’ app which helps the user to personalize the device  after an update/full factory reset
  • HTC Watch 2.0
  • A number of music service applications such as TuneIn 7digital, Spotify and SoundHound
  • A button for shortcuts to some apps on the Gallery Picture application
  • Customizable gallery views
  • Self-portrait mode
  • Sightseeing mode
  • ‘Google Now’

When Will the U.S. Get It?

Unfortunately after much searching? I can’t give you a definitive date. AT&T gave me the run around and from what I have researched on the internet? By the end of 2012 for the U.S.

So I asked on Facebook from the HTC  USA Page as of 11/29/2012. I was given a generic response of  “As soon as possible.”  You can see the conversation in the picture below:

If you live outside the U.S.? It is most likely available for you to download. You can check out if your country is listed by going here: . I logged in with my HTC account in order to have the page refresh correctly.

Manufacturer and U.S. Carrier Update Issues

Unfortunately this isn’t anything new. I had the same issue with my old Samsung Captivate. It was finally updated to Gingerbread – after I had already updated to the HTC One X!  I guess the only really good news? If you know how to flash ROM’s to your phone you can already get Jellybean by going to XDA-Developers. I’m just disapointed that it seems that the Phone Carriers and the Manufactures are yet again dragging their feet at providing updates.

What is the cause? Well my personal thoughts are that the carriers have to try and wedge all of their junk bloatware/crapware into the phone and they have to make sure it still works – which takes time if they need to create updates to their software. That and it isn’t high up on the schedule to update existing phones when newer phones are continuously being released. I’m sure that they are hoping that the consumers are such phone junkies that they will just toss the old one and get the latest and greatest.

Either way – I wish Google, the Phone Manufacturers like Samsung/HTC etc and the Phone Carriers would all get their crap together on how to get current devices updated quicker!

The one advantage that iPhone users get? When there is a software update? It is pushed out quick because it is done outside the realm of the Phone Carriers and done through iTunes.

UPDATE: Jellybean is finally available for AT&T users of the HTC One X. Of course this is so late a lot of people have moved off onto other devices lol. (Source: Engadget)


If your from outside the U.S. and have Jellybean on your HTC One X already? How does it run? Leave me a comment below!

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