New MW3 Maps Hit PS3 on 2/28! – ELITE Only

cod-mw3-updates_2Finally we get a real release date for PS3 Players! The new MW3 Maps will hit the PS3 on 2/28. But you will still need to shell out the 50 bucks for an Elite Premium Member Account to get it.

I personally do not like the Exclusivity Contract with Xbox. It sucks we all have to wait just because of the console we play on. Anyways enough whining – read the post below for the good news.

Some even better news is his confirmation of the addition of Spec-Op maps which I had thought previously forgotten about! This bodes well for those of use who like Spec-Op missions more than the actually Multi Player experience. (Well, it’s a nice break for me anyways!)

Read all the info below (I’ve highlighted the tasty bits)

Posted from the PS3 Blogs by Dan Amrich, Social Media Manager, Activision

It’s going to be a long year – and that’s a good thing. While Modern Warfare 3 has occupied a lot of time in the drives of a lot of PS3 owners since its November release, there is more content to come over the next several months. And if you’re a premium member of Call of Duty Elite, you’re going to get your first two tastes of that content on February 28th.

While the content season will contain more than 20 items overall – some multiplayer maps, some game modes, and some Spec Ops missions – the first two pieces of content in the season are a Call of Duty player’s bread and butter: multiplayer maps.

MW3 DLC Map Piazza

MW3 DLC Map Piazza

The seaside village of Piazza is a perfect battleground for fans of close-quarters combat; the sharp corners, tight corridors, and stone staircases all offer compelling examples of why the word “paranoia” is the same in English and Italian.

New Map Liberation

New Map Liberation

Liberation offers more room to run, but it’s no less deadly. Enjoy the beautiful foliage, romantic footbridges, and brutal explosions as you attack the enemy centrally located park in Manhattan. Snipers will find their perches, but sneaky players will enjoy the underground passage and ample ambush cover options.

The first two maps will arrive for Call of Duty ELITE Premium members first on February 28th, with more content to come over the nine months that follow. If you’re an Elite premium member, you’ll get a message at the MW3 multiplayer menu as soon as the content is available to download; from there, just sel ect Store from the multiplayer menu and the downloads will be yours at no additional charge. It’s part of the whole Elite premium package. If you want in, the details are here.

It won’t be long now before we see each other in Italy and New York. Ciao, buddy.

Need to Know How to Install The New Maps for PS3?

  • When the maps hit you will need to go in game –  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
  • From inside the game you will get a store/download link ** – it will take you to the PSN Store
  • You download and install the DLC content as normal:
  • Sel ect the DLC Content and click Download
  • It will Download – you can choose to install in the background.
  • Wait… forever (PSN is SLOW!)
  • After it has completed downloading you will see the DLC content under your Game menu under the PSN Dashboard
  • Highlight and hit the X Button to Install
  • Then go back into the game and frag some n00bs on the new maps!

** This will only be available to Call of Duty Elite Premium Members! Get your subscription today!

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Oh, and if you need to know how to install the maps for your XBox 360? Click here my friend to get the info.

Update: Yet another new map Overwatch released this month – check out the article here for all the info!

I created a quick and dirty YouTube video on how to install the new maps – How to Install the New Maps for Call of Duty MW3

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    • says

      My guess is that the maps will be available on PSN at midnight… Pacific Standard Time since that is where Sony is based out of in the States. That is of course PSN doesn’t crash again ;-p

      But, I hope I’m proven wrong – can anyone confirm/deny this?

  1. john112233 says

    will the maps appear as normal with other maps or it will be like MW2 where you selected the package?

    • says

      Took me a few minutes to figure this out – To play the new maps you will need to go the playlist and select the ELITE playlist! Sat there playing a few rounds going WTF – where are my new maps! Of course didn’t figure it out until it was time for me to go to sleep *derp*.