Samsung Galaxy SIII Pokes fun at the new iPhone5 with Advertisements

galaxy-s3-ad2With the iPhone 5 coming soon to an Apple store near you it isn’t surprising that people poke fun at iPhone users. Samsung has decided to do this also with some pretty funny advertisements. But lets stop for a moment and take a look. Is the Samsung Galaxy SIII really better than the iPhone5?  Read more to see the ads and take a look at the features and do a comparison so you can decide for yourself!

There is definitely no love between Samsung and Apple. Since Apple was recently awarded $1 billion dollars for Samsung’s “patent infringements” against Apple. Samsung is now suing Apple for using it’s LTE technology in their new iPhone 5.  So for me it isn’t surprising that Samsung is having a heyday bashing on Apple’s new iPhone 5.

It Doesn’t Take A Genuis Print Ad

First there was their print ad “It doesn’t take a Genius” which lists the features of both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. My problem is that they forgot to mention a few things which actually level the playing field a bit.


“It Doesn’t Take a Genius”

Leveling the Playing Field  from Samsung’s Ad

I did my my over view reviews of both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII and they both have their good points and bad. I’d suggest going and reading both of them to get an idea of where I’m coming from here.  And let it be known I love Android and couldn’t ever go back to Apple.


But lets take a closer look at what Samsung didn’t mention in the ad above.

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 5

Design: The Galaxy SIII is made out of plastic. No matter which way they try and market it. It’s still a big plastic phone.  Bash on me all you want but the iPhone has a better overall design now that they have switched back to an aluminum back.  Hopefully this will make the phone less fragile.  – Winner? Apple iPhone5

Display: Samsung has the SuperAMOLED and Apple has the Retina display. Samsung had to sacrifice some screen quality to be able to stretch it out to its current size. Apple just stretched it out. Although both are gorgeous to look at? – Winner? Apple iPhone 5

Screen Size:  The Galaxy SIII has a 4.8″ screen. Which is indeed HUGE. And its pretty unwieldy even for someone with large hands like me. This means I have to use both hands doing basic tasks with the device. Apple has made the screen a bit longer but not wider – which means that even those with tiny doll like hands can still hold the device in their hand and be comfortable.  – Winner? Apple iPhone 5

On-board RAM: Samsung is touting their 2 gig of on board RAM. Yes, this is fantastic. But most devices are still only running 1 gig of RAM for the OS. Including all other Android phones out today. So Apple only has 1 Gig of RAM which is kind of the current unspoken industry standard. – Winner? Samsung Galaxy SIII

Processor: Samsung has the 1.4 GHz Quad-core Exynos and the Apple iPhone has their new A5 processor. Early testing has shown that they are on pretty equal footing. – Winner? Tie

Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy SIII is pulling ahead here finally. With its huge 2100mh battery of course it will have the longer standby (790 hrs) and call time (11.4 hrs). Apple’s iPhone 5 seems to be using the same battery they have been using since the ORIGINAL iPhone back in 2007. – Winner? Samsung Galaxy SIII

Battery and Storage: Samsung Galaxy SIII has a clear advantage here too. You can actually access the back of the phone and change out the battery if needed. And you can expand the storage up to 64 gigs. The Apple iPhone with its closed architecture? You’ll have to shell out another $200.00 bucks to get the 64gig version of the phone. – Winner? Samsung Galaxy SIII

Android OS vs. iO6: Samsung Galaxy SIII is currently running Ice Cream Sandwich with its TouchWhiz interface. Apple has released iO6 which has brought it up to snuff with Android (finally). Both are actually great OS’s but there are some things to quibble about. Samsung’s S Voice vs. Apple’s Siri? This is a no brainer since Apple’s Siri actually works. But then Apple started using their own Map and Turn-by-Turn navigation which needs some work.  The major downfall of iOS for me is the inability to be able to personalize the OS to your own needs. But a lot of people like the simplicity of iOS with its lower learning curve and ease of use.  – Winner? Android and Samsung Galaxy SIII (But I am heavily biased – I admit it!)

Other Features: OK, this is where the Samsung Galaxy SIII sort of lost me. With all of its gimmicky extra “features” they list for the rest of the ad. Although they definitely have Apple with the use of an NFC chip to be able to easily share between other Samsung Galaxy SIII devices… *Sigh*.

Does anyone actually USE these features Samsung has been pushing?  I’m not waving my hand over the phone like some kids birthday magician.

But to give Samsung credit – at least these are some different innovative ideas which Apple is sorely lacking with the iPhone 5. The only thing the iPhone 5 has really improved on its feature set? Siri can now give you sports scores and set a reservation for you. That and finally allowing iPhone users to Facetime over mobile networks. Which um.. if you have an Android and use Tango? You already have that capability. But the iPhone has finally caught up to the rest of the smartphone world and does it without having to wave any magic hands over the device to get it to do what you want. – Winner? Apple iPhone 5

So Who Wins?

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII – 4
  • Apple iPhone 5 – 4
  • Tie – 1

So who wins in the end? Realistically? We all do! With either choice you really can’t go wrong. I know its silly that I don’t lean one way or the other. But in the end it is determined by you to make the choice. I personally prefer Android devices. I like the flexibility I get and can live with their foibles. For other people they like Apple because they just work and they don’t have to sit there tweaking every setting to get it to work the way they want it to.

You can currently get the Samsung Galaxy SIII starting at $99 bucks over at Amazon.
Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (Sprint)

If you want the new iPhone 5? Good luck. You’ll probably have to wait a month or spend a fortune on E-bay.

YouTube Ad

Then there is their new ad you can find on YouTube. They are treating iPhone users as rubes who are “starstruck” and a essentially a bunch of morons for wanting the new iPhone. You can see the video below.

Although I find the ad pretty funny personally. If Samsung is trying to win over Apple iPhone users – they are doing a terrible job at it.  And to be fair? I know a lot of Apple iPhone users. They are definitely not the iSheep depicted in the ad.

If anything? Congratulations Apple on the free advertising from your arch rival!

Apple is at least keeping up with today’s smartphones. Apple fans are still going to be buying the phone regardless of Samsung’s advertising. Is it me or are Apple fans pretty damned loyal?

When it comes to Android? There might be loyalty to Google’s OS – but not to the hardware. If something newer and better comes out? You know that people will be jumping all over it and the current phones will be abandoned never to be thought of again.

What do you all think? Did I miss anything? I mean besides PassBook? Leave me a comment and say your peace already!

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  1. Anton Koekemoer says

    What a great video you’ve shared. Made for great laugh’s in the office. Even if I use an iPhone – Well done to Samsung for this ad.

  2. Nishadha says

    Nice comparison. I do love the advertisement, but as you said I doubt it will help to switch and iPhone user to a Galaxy. But I guess Galaxy users will love sharing it and get a kick out of it.

    • says

      Yea – iPhone people will remain loyal to Apple. Android people will remain loyal to Google’s Android.

      The main issue though with Android? There is no brand loyalty really. People switch to whatever Android device is the latest and greatest!

    • says

      I don’t know about that. I think it is going to be leveled by Android, Blackberry and possibly a few others that are going to be introduced this year. (Sunfish comes to mind)

      • sadek says

        Let’s see what happens with Galaxy S4 and iPhone (5s). Samsung is already in a better position with it’s rising market share.