Site Updates | Rough Start and Switching to Genesis

ajg-vert-logoHi Everyone – I hope you are all doing well. Its been a rough start of the year for me. Couple that with having a difficult time getting back into the groove of writing? And that means there have been significantly less updates then I wish for the site.  So read on as I go through some site updates with!

Rough Start

As you might have have known my Dad passed away at the beginning of the year. Then there have been a few other personal matters going on that I don’t wish to share with you. Needless to say it has been rough trying to even find the energy or desire to update the site.

I’ve been re-thinking what I want to do with the website. I’m still having a rough time with what I really want to focus on. So that means I haven’t been focusing on anything and writing very little!  So take it from me – instead of worrying about what to write? Just write and that focus I was talking about will work itself out.

Content Calendar?

Hahahahaha. Oh sorry I made myself laugh for a second there. But I do need to put a feasible update schedule together. It is only fair for those of you who visit the site and especially for those who sign up for emails! So I can’t promise anything but I will try my best to keep the site on  a schedule.

Switching to Genesis

After taking a close look at the new Thesis 2.0. I have decided to move on to Genesis. I’m not saying that Thesis 2.0 is bad. But for me it isn’t good either.  This site is currently running on Thesis 1.8.x and it will eventually stop working. So I’m working on getting it switched over to Genesis. That means I have to learn a new framework. Figure out how to transfer the current design and theme elements over to it. At least I get to make the changes I want while I’m at it – and when I’m done.. it will be DONE.

Of course I’ll have a complete write up after its been completed! So stay tuned! Oh, and if you want a sneak peak of how things are moving along? You can check it out at Just remember it isn’t done!

So you few loyal readers I thank you for visiting. I will be keeping the site updated and will do my best to get the switch completed ASAP so I can get back to writing again! Wish me luck!

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