Top 5 Smartphones for 2012

top_5_smartphones_2012-300x208This is my top 5 smartphones for 2012. I know the year isn’t over yet. Yes I know there are some great new devices hitting the market. But they won’t be out for a little bit and I’m impatient. So read on for my top 5 smartphones for 2012.

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iPhone 5 Announced | Playing Catch Up instead of Leading the Pack?

2012-iphone5-fiThe iPhone 5 was announced yesterday and the world seemed to go “ho-hum”?  I do actually like Apple’s iPhone. I owned the first gen and 3G version before making the switch to Android. But after reading the specs and updates Apple has done with this device it seems to me they are busy playing catch up instead of leading the pack in the smartphone wars. Has Apple finally lost its innovation and ability to give us technology that others want to try and strive to reach? Read on to find out!

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8 Great Apps for Android and Apple for New Parents

feedbabyGet ready, get set…go! Congratulations on becoming new parents, you’re in for a wild and beautiful ride. You may be asking yourself how you are going to handle all the little details that come with your new bundle of joy, particularly on a newly restricted sleeping schedule. Not to worry, help is only a few taps away. Read more for my list of 8 great apps for android and apple for new parents.

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Should you Root Your Android or iPhone Smartphone?

root-your-smartphoneI’ve started to see some articles on Rooting your Android Smartphone. What are the benefits? What are the downfalls? Why would you want to Root your phone to begin with. And what is Root anyways? Not only will I explain what rooting or jailbreaking is. I’ll go through the benefits and downfalls – then show you how you can go about rooting or jailbreaking your phone. This is the answer to should you root your Android or iPhone smartphones. [Read more...]

Flipboard for Android | A First Look

FlipboardLogoFlipboard has been around for quite some time… for Apple devices.  But Android users have been left out as developers aim for the almighty Apple and develops a port Android as an afterthought. (I’m half joking here btw)  But if you are an Android phone user and not a fan of Apple – you might have missed this application.

Take a look with me as I go over probably the coolest “Social Magazine” you will probably ever see. This is Flipboard for Android as leaked by the fine folks over at XDA Developers Well… give Falcho a shout that sent you and give him a Thanks!  Update: Flipboard for Android is Now Available! – 6/22/2012. I would read to find out what Flipboard is all about though! [Read more...]

Vlingo vs. Siri – Which is Better?

Siri-VlingoI have an android phone. Personally, I love it. I’ve had a Samsung Captivate for over a year and besides some minor issues with GPS and Battery Life it’s been a great device. I have a bunch of friends who have the new Apple iPhone 4s. And they love the SIRI service when it works…

I’ve been using Vlingo since it was released for the Android. It was available on the iPhone and i can tell you it worked great for them and I was jealous. Vlingo has been decent on my device but nowhere near as good as the video (below) depicts. Both Siri and Vlingo have a long way to go to be a great applications.
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What to Look for in a New Tablet

As the holidays hit you see all of the commercials on Apple, Verizon, Samsung, and Amazon. Get this wonderful awesome do everything device that doesn’t require anything but your fingers! I’m talking about the onslaught of tablets that are now available on the market.   The different features, hardware, and software running these devices are becoming daunting for you the consumer to decide which tablet to get. But it now comes down to this – which one should you get?  It is my hope with this article to help you make a decision on which tablet to get… or if you should even purchase one to begin with!
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