Sades Gaming Headset SA902 Review


The folks over at GearBest were kind enough to send me a gaming headset to review. This time it is the SADES SA-902 Gaming Headset. It boasts the WCG (World Cyber Gaming) tag right on the front. With its braided USB cord, thick plastic construction and 7.1 surround emulated sound this headset has become my […]

Havit DJ Professional Stereo Studio Headset Review


Havit asked if I wanted to do a review on their Professional Studio Stereo DJ Headphone with Microphone. Since my old Logitech’s died I jumped on it! Take a look inside as I review the features and put it through its paces from PC Gaming, watching Movies, Video Conferences, and of course listening to Music. […]

Happy Fathers Day from!


Hi all, I hope that you all had a great weekend! As you know yesterday was Fathers Day.  This one day a year where fathers are recognized and given homemade ashtrays or coffee mugs and cards.  But since my lil’ guy is only 2 – I will have to look forward to them at a later date! […]

My Top 15 Highly Anticipated Games for 2012


It’s already March! And I realized with all of the upcoming games for 2012 I didn’t create my top anticipated games for 2012. Well, better late than never I suppose. These are the games I will be watching out for. Some of these are no-brainers, but others might be considered a surprise hit.

Call of Duty MW:3 Are you Ready?

As MW:3 starts to hit the shelves I decided to post my (yes biased) opinions, thoughts, and gripes about what looks to be the most anticipated and highly debated Call of Duty to day. So have fun, sit back, and start reading. Campaign / Single Player With the official launch trailer we get to see […]