Top 5 Smartphones for 2012

top_5_smartphones_2012-300x208This is my top 5 smartphones for 2012. I know the year isn’t over yet. Yes I know there are some great new devices hitting the market. But they won’t be out for a little bit and I’m impatient. So read on for my top 5 smartphones for 2012.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Soon to be Released – Finally an Apple iPhone Killer?

Samsung-GALAXY-S-IIIThe Samsung Galaxy S3 was debuted last week in London, and after what I’ve read and seen it looks to be a beast of a device. Is it possible that Samsung has produced a phone that could give Apple a run for its money?

Soon to be released overseas in May and then later in the U.S. in the Fall. Read on as I go through its features and highlight what I think could possibly trample the iPhone into second place. [Read more...]

How to Upgrade YOUR AT&T Captivate to Android 4.0 ICS

android-icsCheck out my original post here to see my article gloating er. sharing with you about me installing ICS on my AT&T Samsung Captivate smartphone. Afterwards head back over here for instructions on how to install it on your phone.

This is just a quick how-to – no video sorry.  Again this isn’t for the weak at heart or technically challenged. I TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY if you brick your device. So be forewarned! [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S Phones Will Not Be Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich

samsung-galaxy-s-failUpdate: The Verge reports from ajnews in Korea that Samsung might be eating it’s words and reviewing the possibility of updating older Galaxy S phones after all. Check out the article here.

With the latest release of Gingerbread 2.3 released for the Galaxy S line of phones I started poking around the web to see if my AT&T Samsung Captivate will ever see an official release of Android’s OS Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. It left me sorely disappointed.

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Gingerbread Update Available to AT&T Samsung Captivate (Finally!)

samsung-captivate-gingerbread-updateAT&T finally released Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread to the Samsung Captivate. Since Gingerbread was released back in December 2010. This is considered lightyears too slow in today’s ultra fast smartphone market.

I have a Samsung AT&T Captivate. I love the phone. Not the support. AT&T and Samsung have been very slow in rolling out updates to the phone. I know this is a difficult process as AT&T and Samsung have to work together to test and add the bloatware that AT&T requires before releasing it. But it has been too long in the wait.

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My Captivate has Android Ice Cream Sandwich – Thanks teamhacksung!

android-ics1-300x225Update! Go to my other post if you want instructions on how to install Android ICS 4.0 onto YOUR AT&T Captivate. Click here to go there now!

I have an AT&T Samsung Captivate Android smarphone. It’s getting a little long in the tooth when it comes to smartphones. The technology and manufacturers are popping out new devices faster then bunnies can.. well you get my drift. My point is I still like my phone. It is the right size, it still has the features I like, it does what I want it to (And I don’t get an upgrade until July 2012 …). AT&T and Samsung have long forgotten about the device. If left up to them I would still be running Android 2.2 Froyo filled with bloatware and I would have tossed it into the garbage a long time ago.

Because of the community at XDA-Developers I have been able to keep it updated with the latest and greatest versions of what Android has to offer. I have been able to not only keep my phone updated with the latest versions of Android OS versions – I have been able to run some different ROMs people have created and they have all been awesome.

Thanks to teamhacksung they have managed to put together a working ICS ROM for the Captivate and I couldn’t be happier! No longer do I have to envy those with Samsung Galaxy S II’s and all of the ICS goodness inside. Of course I don’t have everything the Galaxy II’s have. I don’t have a front facing camera or the NFS Chip. But what I do have is Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and all of the features it has to offer. There are still a few bugs to work out sure but since they originally released it back in November 2011 it has undergone some dramatic changes.
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