Nine Months of DLC? – Call of Duty MW3 Elite


Yesterdays release of two new maps for Call of Duty MW3 were released the folks over at Infinity Ward / Activision released their DLC Calendar. Looks like the next nine months of my life have been filled. There were rumors of possibly adding additional Spec-Op missions – but by the looks of the calendar it […]

Call of Duty MW3 Forums post Online Code of Conduct (How to Get Banned)


The Call of Duty MW3 Forums posted the Online Code of Conduct. Read it below or go directly to the link here. I just copied it verbatim. It appears that Activision/Infinity Ward is starting to get serious about people cheating in the game.  I play on PS3 and I have yet to come across a […]

SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act – What Is It and how does it affect you?


This is going to be my opinion (meaning you shouldn’t take this as gospel) about the SOPA act currently in contention. Is it really a Bill to turn us into China? Or is it mainly focusing on attempting to curtail the rampant online piracy issues that abound on the internet. Well like everything the government does […]

Call of Duty MW:3 Are you Ready?

As MW:3 starts to hit the shelves I decided to post my (yes biased) opinions, thoughts, and gripes about what looks to be the most anticipated and highly debated Call of Duty to day. So have fun, sit back, and start reading. Campaign / Single Player With the official launch trailer we get to see […]