Thanks Impartial Geek for the New Mic!

This is a quick post to say thanks to David Foster over at Impartial Geek for his recent giveaway. I happened to stumble upon it through a post on Facebook (Just over at Dragonblogger) and decided ‘why not?’ and entered. This is my short story and plug on how I managed to win a new Mic!

I’m a Giveaway Junkie

First, I completely admit if there is something shiny posted on the internet and I think I can use it? I’m going to sign up for the giveaway. I’m a sucker for them. Why? Well, because unlike the lottery – you have a much better chance at winning them!

So yea, I realize its a problem.

Thanks to Impartial Geek!

impartial-geekFirst off I wanted to thank David from over at Impartial Geek for hosting the giveaway to begin with. He is an all around cool dude. If you could give his site a visit and let him know that I sent you! He does a bit of everything on his site from reviews of the latest toys he’s purchased, to giving away his older equipment, and providing helpful tips.

You can also check out his YouTube channel, find his page on Google +, and Twitter.

So What’d You Win?

Um, a Microphone? Actually its a badass Blue Yeti Microphone. I know it isn’t as exciting as winning a Bugatti Veyron but for me its like winning the Blogging Lottery.

Equipment is expensive, and I’ve been wanting to create some YouTube tutorials and my headset made me sound like the Mummy.. with Asthma. So this was exactly what I’ve been wanting for awhile now but I didn’t have it in the budget to spring for one.

How’d You Do It?

Well, I didn’t actually DO much of anything. Except:

  • I found the original post at Impartial Geek
  • I followed the rules outlined in the giveaway
  • Left my comment on why I think I would like to win the Mic and what I plan on using it for if I did win.
  • Shared it on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook

What I liked about this giveaway? It was done fairly even with David having some technical issues during the contest. I liked how you had to promote the post to get people to visit the site and like my comment. So instead of just mashing a button a few hundred times like you do on Rafflecopter giveaways – you had to use your noggin a bit.

I ended up creating a big promotional post on G+ about the giveaway and if they could give me a hand. I did the same thing on my Facebook page as well. And then of course I begged, pleaded, and sold my first born to get people to go there and like the comment. (OK, my wife wouldn’t let me sell the first born so I lied about that.)

Special Thanks to the Online Community

thankfulSo, this wasn’t just to plug David’s site. Nor was it to pat myself on the back. This gives me the opportunity to give a bit Thank You to everyone who helped! (If I don’t give you a mention I apologize – I’m still eternally grateful!)

Wade Harman – Thanks to Wade for re-sharing this on G+. He is a great friend and we’ve been helping each other out for awhile now. I do a lot of the technical stuff he can’t figure out. He helps me out with Social Media. Which.. he can help you too! Check out his site to learn more about Relationship Marketing as well as his weekly Hangout on Google Plus.

Ileane Smith – If you haven’t checked out Basic Blog Tips then I highly suggest you take a look. Not only does she run her blog, she does YouTube videos, and some Podcasting as well.

Justin Germino – Justin runs his site Dragon Blogger. His site covers just about everything you can think of. From tech, to entertainment, to video games. Him and his team of writers crank out some great content. Which incidentally… I’ll be writing a review of the Mic at when I receive it.

From the Google Plus Community:


Special thanks to my Wife who was kind enough to give me a Like too! (I didn’t even have to pay her much to do it 😉 )

And to anyone else I couldn’t find…


Did I really need to do an 800 word post just to say thanks? Maybe not. This is my way to give back to the community that helped me. If anything this can show how by building relationships online vs. a following can help you out in ways I never would have thought possible. LOL, and playing by rules helps too! So… Thanks!

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      LOL I’m trying to work on getting over the fear of hearing my voice being recorded… so hopefully it wasn’t a waste of effort to win it!