5 Ways to Prevent Your Guest Blog Post From Getting Rejected

wordpress-smallSo you have a blog. You wish to start branching out and submit articles to other blogs to try and get your name out there. We all know the benefits of guest blogging. Then you start getting the rejections. You start getting disheartened and the desire to quit arises. Here is where this article comes to play. Read my 5 Ways to Prevent Your Guest Blog Post from Getting Rejected to learn how to do it right!

Why Guest Post at Other Blogs?

We all know the benefit of Guest Blogging at other sites. Having your content posted on other sites benefits both you and the site you posted on if it is done right.  You will start to gain recognition from other Bloggers. You get a back link to your site and potential traffic. This post is directed toward the Blogger who wishes to Guest Blog at any site. Use these tips below and you will be better set to getting approved.

1. Read and Follow the Rules

If you go to my Guest Blog link you will see there is a lot to read. And a lot of rules. I know its a pain in the ass. But it saves both you and I one precious commodity that we both can’t waste: TIME.  I’m using the rules I have for guest blog posting to avgjoegeek.net as a reference point. If you go to other sites it is a good bet that they will be similar to the mine.

Be a Blog Owner or Contributor

This is the first requisite that I ask for if you wish to guest post here. Why? Well I wish to help other bloggers out that’s why!  If you are a contributor to a blog and you have multiple articles there and are listed as an author on the site? That is fine too.

Note: This does not mean if you are an SEO company writing on behalf of a site you can submit here though. I am looking for genuine bloggers who are trying to build up their own blog.

Who Can’t Post?

I’ve recently changed the policy due to people sneaking an article on saying they represent so-and-so and come to find out that it was bullshit. I no longer accept articles from “Professional SEO Writers”, or anyone trying to stuff content on the site just to improve their client’s SEO Backlink profile. Most sites will not accept these types of articles either!

2. Get a Gravatar!


Not My Best Look

I really need to reiterate this. GET – A – GRAVATAR!  I will tell you why you absolutely need to have a Gravatar if you wish to Guest Post. It identifies you as the writer. It puts a face to the words you have written to help the reader identify with you. Most sites including this one will not accept your article until you do.

Read More: 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Comment Wasn’t Approved | And Never Will Be!

Put Your Best Face Forward

Your Gravatar should have a picture of you! A head shot preferably. And if your smart – one where you are smiling!  I know you want to do the duck face, or look mysterious in your photo. But 9 times out of 10 we will just look like something is wrong with us mentally. So Smile! People are more attracted to those who do!

To Get a Gravatar:

  • Go to en.gravatar.com
  • Enter your email you wish to associate with your Gravatar and click ‘Get Your Gravatar’
  • You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox – click on the link inside.
  • It will take you back to the Gravatar site and you will need to choose a username and password.
  • Once you successfully do that you will be able to setup your profile. upload your images, and link your accounts.

What is the Benefit of a Gravatar?

Well, if you wish to Guest Blog Post anywhere? Or if you want to Comment on other WordPress blogs? Or the fact it is being used by other systems like DISQUS, GitHub, or even American Idol!

It is a one-stop shop to have your one image displayed wherever you post or comment at. It helps get your recognition and if you are your brand?  You have just made it that much easier to get your face out there!

Plus – I will more then likely accept your Comment or Guest Blog Post Request

3. Writing Requirements

Stay On Topic

If you plan on Guest Posting anywhere? Make sure you are going to write on the topics that match the Blog or Website you wish to write for. This means if you have a great basket weaving technique you want to write about. Don’t try and post it here. I write about games, technology, and blogging. Where do you see Basket Weaving anywhere on the site? The same principal applies to most of the other sites you will post to.

Write Quality Content

For a better understanding of what quality content even is I suggest you go to my Massive post I recently wrote and go to the first topic: Quality Content. Then come back here.  I’ll wait :-).  Did you go and read it? Hopefully you did. It is what Google considers Quality Content. And I like it.

Your article or post should at least be:

  • Informative
  • Helpful
  • Entertaining
If it isn’t going to be helping anyone but yourself? Most likely people won’t want your content and neither will I.

Article Length

Although I tend to write articles that are waaaaay too long averaging at about 1000 plus words, most blogs do not expect your article to be that long. If you can convey what you wish to write about in a condensed 300-500 word article that is perfectly fine! I’m sure blogs will not turn away an article that is over that as long as it is well written.

Use Proper Grammar!

ID-10069172I am a stickler for proper use of Grammar. This is an English Language blog. If you don’t have proper grasp of it? Then take some English Lessons at your local Community College. Or just use the auto-correct, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and have someone proof read your work.  My writing isn’t on the level of Shakespeare, but I do my best to make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that it makes sense.

Plus if I a blog owner has to sit there and proofread your work for longer than 10 minutes? Most likely your content will not get published!

A great example Guest Blog Post I have here that I enjoyed reading myself was one from Herman Soh: Ad Relevance and Effective Ad Implementation

4. Follow Up On Your Post

You finally managed to get your blog post published. That is absolutely fantastic! Now the real work begins!  If you spent all of this time and energy to create awesome content why leave it never to re-visit it again? If you are smart you will reply to anyone who comments on the article. Why?

  • It is considered in good taste.
  • You have the possibility of building relationships with other bloggers.
  •  It means you care about the readers.
  • You will receive visitors back to your own blog.

5. What to Do If Your Post Was Rejected!

ID-10086053So you followed all the rules, and you submitted your post. Then it gets rejected. Nothing sucks more in life then when someone says no or rejects your work. Unfortunately this is a harsh reality of blogging and life. I have been told no and rejected so many times in my short time blogging I have lost count.

But I try and find out why. Maybe it was the content didn’t match the blog. Or it was a train wreck because I forgot to proof read it. Or maybe they thought it just plain sucked.  The important thing is to get the information and use it.

The important thing is to try and learn from that rejection. Find out what possibly needs to be improved. Take the criticism and use it to your advantage! Maybe you can fix the blog post and submit it somewhere else? Or you can turn around and post it on your own blog.

The important thing here is to keep moving forward and focus on how to improve rather than dwell on the rejection.

Why Did I Write This?

I wanted to help potential Guest Bloggers to be ready for when they submit their content. I genuinely want to see YOU become successful! It is my hope that this article will help you be able to Guest post at other blogs as well as here!

Remember ultimately Guest Blogging on other sites isn’t about you. It is about what you can offer to the Blog and to its potential visitors.  If you think this way? You will reap the rewards of more traffic, readership, and help build a network of other Bloggers who will want to Guest Blog on your blog!

Oh, and if after reading this you would like to write for avgjoegeek.net? Please go ahead and start the process by clicking on the Guest Post link or look in the navigation bar to get started! Remember to follow the rules and Good Luck!

Share Your Guest Blog Post Stories

What are your experiences with Guest Blogging? Do you have any other pointers that I might have left out. Do you have any questions? If so I would like to hear from you! Leave a comment to share with us.

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  1. Pritam Nagrale says

    Yes, these are the best tips to consider when writing a post for other blogs. Whenever I write a guest post, I write like I have to publish on my own website & how this article can bring traffic to both of us.

    • says

      Pritam – thanks for stopping by and commenting! I agree you should always try and put out your best content when guest blogging. Otherwise what is the point of doing it?

      You won’t believe some of the articles I’ve been submitted. It is disheartening to say the least.

  2. Nishadha says

    I manage few blogs and do guest posting on few blogs as well. I think most of the time the reason for an article to get rejected in poor formatting. When you open a guest post and all you see is poorly formatted text it becomes easier to reject the article.
    If you pass that initial test then it is a lot to do with links and relevancy. I have noticed that blog owners are a bit lenient on the content if it’s slightly related but not so on links.

  3. Magic Webs says

    Great tips Jason! Guest blogging is not a right, it is clearly a privilege. Not all works are published; hence, only the cream-of-the-crops are. I guess, one of the best things that a guest blogger should consider is maintaining the reputation of the blog owner. One should amplify the ideas of the owner and not contradict it. By this way, the relationship of the two bloggers will or might grow deeper…

  4. Jena Isle says

    Hello Jason,

    I just recently realized the value of commenting with my Gravatar image. It made my comment more real.

    I still have not tried Guest Blogging, I shall give it a try when I can spare the time to write what you have described here – a post free from grammatical errors, and one with rich content.

    Your pointers would be essential to bloggers who want to enter this field. Thanks, keep writing.

    • says

      Jena Isle – thanks for commenting! These are what I’ve found for Guest Blogging from around the web, and are necessary in order to guest post here at avgjoegeek.net as well! You’d be surprised how much junk people try and pass of as content!

  5. akhilendra says

    Thanks for sharing this, follow up is critical, in fact more important than publishing a post because that is the logical conclusion of a guest post. Guest posts have become extremely popular and important in the last few months. This post is really helpful in explaining the fine prints of guest posting. Thanks,

  6. Sandipan says

    Just the other day I received a guest post request (the person wanting to guest post on my blog) from an individual with the subject line “Write for Us.” Apparently the person was using the same draft both for sourcing and securing guest posts.

    • says

      Sounds about right. I used to get a lot of requests from “writers” on behalf of other sites. Since I fixed my Guest Post rules? I don’t get quite as many requests now :)