Which Social Media Should You Use as a New Blogger?

ajg-vert-logoThis is actually a question I had to ask myself the other day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m getting some steady traffic to the site lately. I have been working on trying to get Twitter followers, posting my articles and participating on Pinterest, and dumping some articles into Stumble Upon when I can remember to.

Notice the big hole already in this?  No? Its OK, it took me a minute to figure out what I was doing wrong too! Keep reading as I will get back to you on this.

So as a new blogger what Social Media should you invest your time into? You hear experts stating if you spend time in the right one you can benefit from it by getting a growing community and return visitors! Waste your time using the wrong one? And your blog remains a ghost town. So I’m taking a look at my own blog to find out the answers and sharing them with you.

Before you keep reading though – do me a favor and ask yourself the following question:

  • Is Social Media Even Necessary To Get Traffic to Your Blog?  Tweet This

Types of Social Media

First lets go over the different types of Social Media sites that are out there:

  • Facebook – Has grown into the largest social media site on the internet today.
  • Twitter – This “micro blog” site which shares in “tweets” short messages to other people to share or “retweet”.
  • LinkedIn – A business oriented social media site where professionals can link up with their peers.
  • Google + – The new social media site started by the almighty Google.
  • Digg – A social sharing site of hot topics from around the internet.
  • reddit – The “geek” rendition of Digg and is quickly becoming more popular on a daily basis.
  • StumbleUpon – A “random share” social media experience. It has a following ‘behind’ the service itself.
  • Tumblr – Picture driven ‘micro blog’ social media site.
  • Instagram – The visual version of FourSquare essentially. You “check-in” by taking a picture of where your currently at and share it. (Btw.. Facebook just recently purchased this service for a TON of money!)
  • Pinterest – Although the demographic is currently 98% – I wrote about the benefits of Pinterest here.

OK We Get It – There Are A Bunch of Social Media Sites – Now What?

Now this is where you need to decide on which one are you going to be focusing on? Unless you are an at home full-time blogger who has hours to waste your time is a precious commodity.  So it is crucial you spend time with the right one.

You need to figure out what type of blog you have!  What is your niche (area of expertise or subject you are writing about).  If you don’t know what your niche is? You have some other issues that need to be addressed first.

If you write about fashion,  crafting, cooking, photography, or anything that contains a lot of visual content? Then I would recommend to start using Pinterest! (Make sure to read the TOS though!)

For me this is mainly a Gaming and Technology blog. So you would think I would should be focusing on Facebook, Twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.

But after time I needed to find out which one is providing a return (in traffic and following) back to here.

This is How I See If I’m Getting Anywhere

I opened up my Google Analytics and under the Standard Reporting tab:

I clicked on Traffic Sources -> Sources -> All Traffic

And this is what I ended up looking at:

All Traffic   Google Analytics

Traffic Sources

If you look at the picture above you will see my number one Social Media site linking into here is?


The sad truth is? This is the one site I spend the least amount of time on.  What I have been spending a LOT of time on has been Twitter. And although I’m starting to get a lot of followers on there – I don’t get a lot of traffic back to the site.

And as you can see in the stats I list? Google and other search engines are still my main source of traffic.

The lesson to learn here dear readers? Make sure to Check Your Google Analytics every now and again to make sure you are using your time and energy in the right direction!

The question I’m sure you are asking yourselves next is…. 

So Is Social Media REALLY Necessary?

Yes, absolutely!  Why? Well because of the ever changing presence of the internet you need to “future proof” yourself by having a large social media presence as well as great SEO for your site.

Update: With the recent changes in Google and Penguin 2.0. It is even more important to start using Social Media for your own blog in order to help you out with keeping visitors to your site. That and having a great following on the major media sites will ensure you have a steady flow of traffic!

Also it will help you in your search rankings the more you have people talk and share about your website!

Facebook is MANDATORY?

This is a personal opinion here – but I think it is imperative to go create a Facebook page to link back to your site. With so many people on that site alone I feel it is mandatory you have a presence on there of some type. So go create your Company or Group page like right now!  (I know I hate being told what to do too.. just trust me on this one – go and get one created!)

Twitter is another easy one. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of time on there either.

Of course having the right tool helps. Personally I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is simple and easy to use – and I can even schedule updates from it!

Share with me about your own experiences with  Social Media and getting blog traffic in the comments below. And don’t forget to share!

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  1. David says

    Good points avgjoegeek – I have been thinking that the value of social media is a bit limited lately. However, I am still able to have good conversations with people on twitter sometimes. I think one of the key points to choosing a social media platform is to choose one that ‘makes sense’ to you and that you enjoy. The enjoyment part can make a big difference in how much time you spend there. just my 2cents

    • says

      David, thats a great point! I don’t remember if I mentioned it but it is looking more like Google + is going to be more important as well. Google is going to rely on it more for PR and search rankings. So start working on that as well now while it is still relatively “new”!

  2. Nishadha says

    I think you should maintain some sort of presence in most of the social media sites, but you need to focus in 3-4 of those sites and take some time to engage with other like minded users. As a social sharing site I also like StumbleUpon because it gives continuous traffic, not just traffic spikes.

    • says

      It seems like Stumble Upon is the secret social outlet that bloggers should start using. Although you are correct – I would highly suggest to keep a presence in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

  3. Brain says

    I prefer Facebook and Twitter for fulfill my social media activities. Among this both as per my opinion twitter is the best as we can find more professional person which are very genuine targeted users for our website while facebook is so generic and nowadays it is more used by a youngsters than professionals.

  4. Blogging Bytes says

    nice article. Great info. I have twitter, facebook, digg, stumpleupon and pinterest accounts. But still their traffic is much less.

  5. Astro Gremlin says

    Avg Joe, StumbleUpon has an amazing superpower to send a large number of visitors in a short period. My post below, “Blog Brushfire” confirms the incredible traffic — and strangeness — of two days when SU made an article go viral . I still get a small trickle of hits, but nothing like the two-day flood. StumbleUponers skim the cream of the ‘net, scan very quickly, seem to like pictures, and don’t convert very much. But when they decide they like something, POW, look out. :)

    • says

      Just goes to show you need to pay attention as to what is bringing attention to your blog and what isn’t. And why its important to focus on those that are getting you visitors vs. those that don’t!

  6. Yaseen Dadabhay says

    Hey, thanks for the great post. Great reminder to check google analytics more regularly. From my experience , the focus of your blog is also a factor on where your traffic comes from. On my two “business” related blog – Linkedin is a big driver of traffic (through postings on my profile, groups etc) – While on my personal blog , where i blog about misc stuff – stumble upon is the great traffic driver.

    Your post reminded me how important it is to definitely make sure where your traffic is coming from.