5 Reasons Why Call of Duty Black Ops II Is Going to Blow MW3 Away

Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-LogoThe hype has started with November quickly approaching. And I’ve been very hesitant to actually write anything about Black Ops II. Why? Because I was like many players – on the fence and waiting for more information before pulling the trigger.  So now lets take a look at Black Ops II and why it is going to rock. These are my 5 Reasons Why Call of Duty Black Ops II is going to Blow MW3 away.

1. Campaign



The Campaign has always been an important part of the Call of Duty series. It introduces you to characters and the different environments you’ll end up seeing when you play the Multi-Player part of the game. Plus it feels like your in an action movie where you get to kick ass! Although Modern Warfare 3 did  a great job with the Campaign Treyarch is taking it up to eleven with the Campaign this time around. Not to mention it will be like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” to try out different types of play style you are never going to be playing the same game twice.

Check out the post I did on the Reveal Trailer below. Then enjoy the actual game trailer to see what I’m talking about!

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2. Zombies



I really tried to like Spec-Ops. It was a great concept. But I found myself getting bored REALLY fast. With Zombies you not only get to kill legions of the undead – but I love Treyarch’s twist on it. They keep it interesting by putting in a level of fun from the perks to the types of weapons and the maps.

They have kind of leaned away from the whole Nazi angle though. It now has a distinct “Left 4 Dead” / “The Walking Dead” vibe for the characters in it. But they have introduced some different styles of game play rather than just your basic “Survival” mode you found in past versions.

You will get the following:

  • Tranzit – Where you ride on a Bus to different areas – kind of like a “Campaign” version of the game.
  • Survival – Try and survive the zombie hordes in new maps.
  • Grief – You play against another team who both have to fight off the zombie horde. The trick is you get to “Grief” the other team by trying to get the Zombies to pay attention to them. Last man standing wins!

Take a look at the Zombie Announcement Trailer below!

3. Multi Player


Prestige Emblems!

This is the reason why I play Call of Duty. And I’m sure if your reading this you most likely do too. With Black Ops we were introduced to the 60’s and 70’s era. Besides the annoyance of host issues and hit markers it was an awesome game (although I will agree with most that COD 4 is still the best in the series). But what made it great was it was innovative. Treyarch took risks to make how we play Call of Duty different.

With Black Ops II coming – they are taking it to the next level. It appears from what I have seen from the game play online that they have re-vamped the game entirely from the ground up. From Map Creation, Perks, Point Streaks, and Game Types – it doesn’t look like they are going to let us down.


Yes, I said that word. To me Treyarch has really paid attention to the overall design of the game. They seem to have lost the browns and grey of the other game. I don’t even know if they have that in the color palette this time around! Take a look at the Nuketown 2025 teaser trailer to see what I mean!


We only get a taste of 3 maps from the Gamescon Black Ops II gameplay. But it was definitely epic. The maps were huge and interactive. Great for both types of players Rushers or Snipers. What has Treyarch done to try and make them even better? One of them was interactive and changed the entire time the teams played!

“Pick 10″ Create a Class Setups


Pick 10!

Gone are the days where you are stuck picking a limited class setup. If only you could use two from 1 perk type rather than have to pick one from another? Well now with the “Pick 10″ system you get to do just that. Create the class you always wanted and ditch the stuff you don’t want.  Each weapon, attachment, perk, and equipment will cost you a point so choose wisely!

Of course you can always choose the Wildcard setups (which will cost you a point to use) that will allow you to do things like add additional attachments to your weapons, extra grenades, or choose 2 perks from one slot instead of having to do the same old pick 1 from each. Confused? Don’t be – it’ll be fairly straight forward once you see it in action.

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Score Streaks


Score Streaks!

Treyarch is changing this up again by calling your Kill Streaks them Score Streaks. You will get your Streak by the points you earn in the game. This means not only by killing your opponent, but by playing the objectives, using the UAV, and just about everything else that normally gives you points will help you work toward your next Score Streak.

So – NO MORE CAMPING – you hear me? Seriously though – unless your that uber slayer who gets 10000 kills a match, its going to pay off more if your playing the objective instead of hiding in a corner.

To get a better understanding on how all this works. See this short video on the explanation of the Pick 10 System and Scorestreaks

Or you can watch an in-depth interview about the whole Multi-Player process from HTTV:

Game Types

I’m happy to see that they brought over Kill Confirmed. They also introduced HardPoint which is kind of like “King of the Hill” or Headquarters – without having to control a box. Its just missing the Care Packages and it’d be just like MW3’s Drop Zone. The craziest new game mode I’ve seen is  Multi Team – Team Deathmatch where your team goes up against 3 other teams in one TDM match.

Of course you will still see all of the other game types we all know and love (or hate). SnD, Headquarters, Domination, TDM, Free-for-All etc.

4. Made for Competitive Game Play!

I was really surprised to see how much Treyarch has invested in working with the professional gaming community and creating a game that will benefit them. With the new tourney system integrated  into the game to make it easy to setup and manage matches without the use of third party software? This means good things are sure to come from the online competitive community for 2013!

Also they have tweaked the Theater Mode so you can now Live stream directly from the game! Read the details from Endgadget and the Press Release!

Check out the Gamescon 2012 game play from this past September to see what I’m talking about:


5. Call of Duty ELITE is Now Free!

cod_elite-150x150I wrote about this already but it goes without saying. The ELITE Premium service was actually a huge disservice for the Call of Duty community. I’m glad that Activision/Treyarch are splitting the DLC out from it and offering it for free. This means more players who were screwed in MW3 can not join Clans and be a part of the action!

One cool feature that will make Call of Duty Elite worth it? You can now try out other players setups! So say you just got owned and want to find out what they used and see if it’ll be good for you? Now you can do this within Call of Duty Elite!

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Does Call of Duty Black Ops II Blow MW3 Away?

Of course I’ve barely touched on EVERYTHING that I think will make Black Ops II a better game than MW3. But you get the general idea.  What else do you think is going to blow MW3 away?  Or do you think MW3 is better than Black Ops II? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Arsie Organo says

    Hey Jason, what makes me really like and wanted to have Call of Duty Black Ops II? It’s the smooth and slick graphics. Just watching the videos in your post the more my butt is pushing me to get my own copy. This game rocks!

    • says

      It does look like Treyarch improved the graphics. Although I’m sure its probably the same old engine they have been using for years lol. They went away from the whole “dark and muted” browns and greys of past games.

      I just hope the game play is even more amazing than the graphics!

  2. Mushfiqur says

    Just installed and played it.
    One Word- HOLYHELLZZ.
    The first mission was kinda getting boring until the real game started. Not giving out spoilers 😛 Anyways,totally agree with all your points. In fact, Black Ops II seems to be the REAL FUTURE MODERN WARFARE. Woudn’t be surprised if it was named Modern Warfare 4.

    • says

      LOL I wouldn’t know yet. I’ve only been playing Multiplayer. Haven’t even looked at the Campaign or Zombies yet.

      I do think that Treyarch has taken the reality of “Modern Warfare” and implemented it pretty well though.

  3. Aditya saini says

    Love this game so much that I can do anything for it just finished playing call of duty black ops I and now going to buy black ops II will buy in two days because I am ordering it online ….

    • says

      Thats the only reason why I hate ordering games online. THE WAIT! I’m too impatient. I went to the midnight release for Black Ops II and picked up my copy :)